All Right! Sit Tight! If anyone cares! My Blog is back.

The world wide networks are blessed. From today WWW network packets would carry this additional garbage. To celebrate this return, TCP/IP has been renamed as Trash Carrying Packets of Important People.

SFAQ: [short F…asked question] Why in the hell you came back?
My so called boasted busy schedule never seem to end hence the only way to prime my Blog back is add this as a task in my busy schedule.

Today as I woke up in the morning, I saw a bright light that came through the window; I thought it must be God making his usual appearance in my dreams to cleanse me from my sins. Nop! Since the list is too long, based on frequent chatters in Gods network, I corroborated that God has outsourced this effort to St. Peters. Poof! Within few seconds I realized it is not even St. Peters, the light came from something big, bright, round and orange, Yes! damn it, it was something called The Sun, not the putrid Tamil TV channel, the real one, the one that provides light, energy , Viagra “blah blah …” to our Bhoomi mAtha – the Earth.

After about 200 million years of non-stop rain. Gees’ Sun shine in DC metro, Water! Water! Every Where - Average speed on interstates - 160934 Centimeters per hour, time taken to travel 10 miles is equal to time taken to reach India via Air India. Few unlucky people in and around DC were busy loading stuff in their version of Noah ark, this time instead of almighty God, it was the government who got them evacuated.

Weather grandfathers and grandmas in all the low and high definition Radio and TV have predicted that everything is over and we should see sun and only sun for next couple of days. I wish we stay dry for next 6 months, all said and done based on their prediction records mmmm.. it does look cloudy out side now.

Finally, People, while liberal radio and other green peace groups are busy blaming Global warning for this rain, Psst… here is a secret, I have a better reason for this non-stop rain, Yes! People I have been working my full quote of 40 hrs without wasting even a minute for past month. It has to rain!

All Right! Sit Tight! If anyone cares! My Blog is back.

Good day.