Song Release

Vocals: [Introducing] Vidyu
Lyrics: Udhaya

Framedrum/Hand drum: Srikanth
Sound Engineering/Mixing: [Introducing] Bharath, Srikanth
Additional drum programming: Bharath

As I was browsing through Udhaya's blog , Vasikayakari got my attention, it took me about 30 minutes to compose the lead tune for this song.

I have great pleasure in introducing 2 new artists in this production.

Lead vocalists Vidyu, based out of Virginia she contacted me via Email with her audition tracks. After hearing her tracks, I wasted no time to book her in for the song. Vidyu can sing in Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada. Vidhyu simply rocks all through the track, she sang every expression I expected from her in the composition. We are currently working on more music.Here is another news leak - Vidyu would be singing live along with popular Hindi play back Abijith during July 4th weekend in Houston. My best wishes to her for the show.

Next Introduction - "Sound Engineer" - Bharath [Bharathidasan Venkatesan]. Based out of the Bayarea CA, Bharath owns a state of the art audio studio equipped with Protools HD system and tons of other musical gigs, yes I found one more person just like me with MTNC Syndrome [Musical Technical Nut Case]. Bharath using his engineering expertise has done a clean job in sound balancing and mixing the track. This song was mixed on the latest Protools HD system. Bharath is also a drummer and a keyboard programmer, he has also played few drum parts in this track. I think we have a long working friendship in place.

Flute Vidwan Raman, I had the great pleasure of meeting Raman in a concert couple of months ago. Raman is a disciple of Indian Classical Flute genius N.Ramani. Raman is an accomplished musician with fantastic accolades. A great pleasure for to me work with him and learn from him. Raman conducts flute training classes and workshop around Maryland area. Currently Raman and I are working on few instrumental albums . We just completed an album for Yoga and Mediation.H1Bees Inc will be producing this and it should be out around Fall 2006. This will also be sold in India. Soon Raman and I will be performing live on stage. Plans are being drawn by H1Bees inc.

Finally - There is a rumor that Udhaya cultivates variety of plants in his back yard that blooms all round the year with Tamil and English lyrics. I need to check it out, I know him for about a decade now and you know, I am yet to meet this damn guy in person. As always I have my studio1234, I have Udhaya for lyrics.

With such a dedicated team, I am sure you will like the track , well with this overloaded hype in place - I present , "Vasiyakari", This will also feature in my next album scheduled for Winter 2006 release.

Happy listening.

ps: had some spare time - rebuilt my website:)