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After a bashful session on Soccer aka Football, I am back to my favorite topic "Cricket". Anybody still following India VS West Indies fanfare? I did the ritual for some time on the Internet.  Like the good old 70s or the 80s I was back to the era of audio commentary. This is because cost of watching live cricket on TV in US seems to rise like gas prices, "another word to note". When I say the word Gas, rest of world thinks about a stomach malfunction, but in US it is something that powers Automobiles. I know where we are getting to now, but let me move on. Direct TV offered plans for about $180 for the series.


My question, is there a big satellite up linking cost involved here? I can understand if it is from the other side of the world it doest cost to carry the signals all the way, however when the game is played near here, why in the hell ICC charges $200?   Simply Greed for money; the greatest joke here is ICC wants to popularize this sport in South and North America. I don't think a football fan would spend $200 to watch Kaif score a duck or VRV Singh doing something with the ball and call it bowling,  they are better off watching Ronaldo, Babito or Up-it-Toe.  Even cricket crazed Indians [like me] would think twice to subscribe paying unreasonable amount.  1st leave the the cost factor- think about this scenario – Should I pay and watch Kaif cook ducks or VVS and Dravid defend the ball to their best potential.   2nd the Indian "Indic-PatheicKometer" , [a device used to measure pathetic performances of Indians] readings is mind boggling.   Dravid failure to win test matches despite having very good opportunities. Dravid lost the one day to the underdogs quite pathetically. Overall did nothing great happened other than gaining personal mileage, and the usual baggage - Kaif scoring some runs after "Gajini" number of attempts , What the heck our million dollar coach doing? Enjoying his paid vacation in the Caribbean?


While I am still dreaming about winning the world cup next year our little neighbor Srilanka is busy trashing the English.   Srilankans have improved while we are going from bad to worse. Taking about self acclaimed all powerful English players, be it Soccer or Cricket, I feel major portions of their body constitution is made of Golden temple brand Atta+Maida.  They seem to get injured quickly.  


Wimbledon Tennis is going on if anyone still following it. Agassi has finally decided to quit, if I am correct he is been playing from 2BC. He has played against Chandragupta Mouriya , Ashoka, Alexander, then the real Jesus Christ till Mel-Gibson.  I salute this amazing player with determination. I have never seen anyone come back to win like the way he does.  Our popular tennis dream girl of India was kicked out in the first round. I am sure press will not dare to ask her [and of course get snubbed].  If she keeps failing, even her hard core fans will discard her, talking about discarding, have ever been discarded like a playing card? Like if the card is not needed you just drop it, if so I too know the feeling.


Ok enough of complains, something good now, that too about Indians, if you have Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.1 - Click on the about box in the help menu, when the about window shows up, click on the credits button, you will find the one more proof that we are a software super power.


Have a great weekend.


Ps: I saw on news that Britney spears is moving back to New Orleans, I pity people of New Orleans, after Katrina they need to face this now.