aNne na 5th pass, neenga 10th Fail

Hope you remember the comedy episode featuring Gowndamani and Senthil. Let me remind you, Gowndamani will claim that he is 10th failed student while Senthil will keep debunking him by stating that he is 5th passed.
Ricky Ponting: We trashed you in F50,
Dhoni –it no fluke that we are the T20 champions [ aNne na 5th pass, neenga
10th fail anne]

This is exactly how I felt when I heard Dhoni talk during the T20 award ceremony. Dhoni forgot the fact that he was also the captain for the F50 side that was beaten left, right and center. The victory march and over flowing money made no sense. Harbajan was paid Rs. 1, 00,000 for what? For his pathetic bowling and behavior all through the series, he should be fined 1,00,000 instead. Murli Karthik , Sreesanth and Pathan were top wicket takers, in fact Yuvraj got more wickets than the so called top spinner from India,. Harbajan Singh – o:54 m:1 r:261 w:3 - 2/43-was his best and averaged 87.00, meaning he 87 runs per wicket. If this is not costly, I do know to define costly. If you want to drop and get fresh legs, bones and brains, he should be the first candidate.

Batting numbers: Yuvraj totals 192, thanks to the 121, rest of the games he made 72 runs, his average [32.00] is just 0.25 above Ganguly [31.75]. Dhoni, the Indian team captain follows with gap of about hundred runs from the top score. Uttappa played 6 games and averaged 33.x. Gautam Gambir played 3 Games and averaged 8.5 while Dravid played 5 games and averaged less than 11 runs per inning. Finally the top scorer - Guess who? One Mr. Tendulkar scored about 278 Runs with an average of around 40. A single T20 win seems to change people’s view quite drastically, what the heck? Indians are going to play to their Arch rivals, and then fly to Australia;

All mighty Vengsarkar is all set to fire people and he could sneak in is prodigy bowler – the one and only Ajith Agarkar who was seen in the dugout during T20 game. I am really worried that he might get the ticket to Australia where he has a history of generously cooking omelets for the entire team.

The rumor is that hot metal rods in various sizes have been placed in ovens and Kilns all around Australia. These rods will enhance the process called “Pumpesthanu”, a form of “Physocis” therapy designed by Dr. Saranavan, a world renowned Phscartrist and Dr. Bradley’s only student. This therapy is expected to be tested on Men in blue during the Aussie Summer.
Beware Team.