The T20 UtopiaMyopia

What happened to the T20 utopia? Can’t the celebrities from the T20 winning line up score 6 runs per over? What else should the openers do? Irfan has realized his past mistakes and values his selection. He did his job perfectly.

When Dravid walked in the morning I spotted a change in his dress code, he had replaced the number on his back with new logo that looked like a Red Bulls Eye Target symbol. Dravid made life easy for Vengsarkar and his cronies. Like a bird on a political leader statue, Dravid kept dropping sitters. No doubt Dravid is an excellent player and IMO, technically the best from the Indian soil till date. The problem is he needs time for his technique to kick in. In today’s cricket settling time is considered as a taxable luxury. More than team India, Dravid cannot afford it anymore. Dravid should slowly let go the grip on one day games and I feel Dravid should be rested and given time to recoup for the test matches where he is still an invaluable asset.

Sreesanth, I had hopes for this guy, he looked good and has some mojo to do well. However for past few matches my opinion seems to change drastically. I guess it is time for Sreesanth to change his profession. A good carrier for him is ensured in spray painting. He sprays the new ball in every geographical direction possible. At times the software that keeps tracks of the ball losses its direction and get confused and displays another cricket pitch on the left side. Sreesanth also dropped a catch when Symonds was on 2.

Bowling takes the blame while some inexperienced captaincy popped up from Dhoni. When Murali Karthik and Harbajan were bowling well, Dhoni changed and gave the ball to Yuvaraj. Yuvraj from the word go broke coconuts, using them Simmons squeezed out as much of chutney possible. Then Dhoni took Yuvraj out and gave the ball to Tendul who was bowling well but Dhoni changed and gave the ball to Zaheer, Zaheer added more to the chutney pot. The last 5 overs tilted the game towards Australia.

A note on Harbajan, he is an overestimated Spinner and there are others sitting on the bench or on the national cricket circuit better than him. He is been ineffective and a disappointment every other series. If spinner fails on an Indian tracks, where in the world he is going to shine? The Middle order trouble continues for India, Sachin and Ganguly provided the team with gritty platform but an avaricious Yuvraj failed while Uttappa trying to regain this place played few good “cricketing” [Thanks Rameeze Raja] shots, but it is the Australian composure that took the game away from India.

And for Indian fans, let us console by selecting our feeling(s) on cheering for a team that lost the game from very good winning position?
(B) I am sick and tired
(C) (a 4 letter word) Cricket
(D) All of the above and a full page of your own reasoning + bad words from Indian languages generously sprinkled.