Game Day , Ind vs Aus.

The same old story continues, Harbajan, it does not matter how much he contains, he has to pick wickets. Until then he is ineffective. Yuvarj and Tendul over used, while Sreesanth celebrated Holi in October, he was spraying the ball in every possible direction. Batting wise, Gautam Gambu , one more talented player whose talent can only be spotted by Ravi Shastri and Vengsarkar. The powerful Ninja opps Niranjan Shaw , one among top BCCI chamchas mentioned to the press that Gangully was not rested, he was dropped. The only mistake Gangully did was being the top run getter in recent times. Yuvraj played quite well, however in my opinion he slowed down a lot when he was nearing 100. Once upon a time, long ago Indian team had a powerful natural slugger called M.S. Dhoni. Currently on team India’s behalf a missing report has been filed.

Drop the (senior) trio is the new slogan; it is only the senior contribution that won many 50/50 games for India in recent times has been comfortably forgotten. Just because a so called young team won 20/20 (game of sheer chance) writing off the seniors is foolishness, a systematic transition plan would do good for the future.

During my Chennai trip, I watched lot of Cricket on TV. Experience of watching cricket on TV in India is simply Awful and terrible experience. Whenever a batsman scores a four or a six or a 50 an annoying cartoon appears from nowhere and dances to badly composed music. As if this is not enough, more the bowler the broadcaster will be waiting eagerly for the final ball of an over. The telecast is cut when the final ball leaves the bowlers hand. We go to commercials, mostly the first ball in the following over gets yanked. Poor Harsha Bogle and Sunny will be discussing very seriously on cricket etc, suddenly the Air Tel Theme music will be played over their voice with Air Slide. Totally Disgusting! , this becomes worse if it is through DD, Commentators alternate languages; joke is that they do the commentary from the studio.

Yesterday I was watched the game on ZEE Sports, the new Indian sport channel in the US. Zee sports placed their own loud promotions in between every over and made a mess of it. The volumes levels of live telecast was about -2000db while the commercials were set to +2000db, waking up everyone living in my zip code. At 2.00am a moronic voice would suddenly scream and threaten you - Subscribe to ZEE sports call 1800-I-SHALL-IRRITATE-YOU till then. Zee and dish network Dudes don’t get it all, the only folks watching this badly made plug is the “Subscribers”. I wish Zee sports reduce such pathetic self-promotions during live Cricket broadcast. It is more annoying than the help cartoon that popup in MS office products.

EAS Prasanna commenting on Indian bowling has predicted complete shutdown. Indian team looks all set to go back to its popular “We will always suck” mode. 6-0 is on cards.