Game Day , Ind vs Aus.

1st One day saved by rain, but Varuna failed to save India in Kochi. The match started 30 minutes behind schedule. A jam packed stadium filled with picturesque Kerala color. Zaheer khan and the volatile home town boy Sreesanth gave the start.
Ravi “recorded message” Shastri would quote “What doctor had ordered” Australia lost 2 quick wickets, acting captain Gilly gone for a Duck. Indian Fans waving flags and holding banners that contained recipes for Cooking Kangaroo Curry. That was it for next 20+ overs things were slow and Aussie regained their grounds.

The cocky Symonds, Uncle Hayden and little Clarke launched their popular mental disintegration using verbal abuses. On the Indian side, Sreesanth and Harbajan made generous contributions to the verbal abuse fund. All this happened knowing that that Match referee Broad is not so broad minded. Broad often suffers from Dyschromatopsia , the new ICC building fund is all set to be funded using the abuse fund collection, principle donors would be Harbajan and Sreesanth. Symonds would escape unhurt, he was equally guilty.

At around 30 over mark Indian bowling was like Tamil movies, - a joke -. There was no plan or approach. Powar with his red glass looked like “kandaaaaaaaaasamy” was totally ineffective. Harbajan rather than taking wickets, was aiming at containing runs. Moreover he did not bowl dosras, thanks to Chris Broad, who was watching him closely via a special camera hidden inside umpire’s hat. Broad has already reported twice about Harbajan’s action. The rule is if White men don’t get the spin, it is termed chucking. Indians once gain let Australia score about 300+.

Gautam Gambeer did not trouble anyone, Uttappa joined Tendul and blasted some runs, Aussies baited Tendul perfectly and got him out. Uttappa suddenly remembered that this was not 20/20, he got out. Instead of Rahul the Ex-Captain,Yuvaraj “Sixer” Singh walked in, it is to be noted that BCCI paid Yuvraj one crore extra for his 6 sixes, is this not encouraging individualism? Yuvraj played careless and over confident strokes. Australians had a plan for him too and he was taken out in no time. Dravid and Dhoni tried to revive by using various methods ranging from CPR to Defibrillator but Indian top order went into a complete Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

Dhoni stayed till the end and added a half century to his statistics. A powerful straight drive by Dhoni landed directly on Sreesanth head [non-striker], a powerful blow , poor Sreesanth - hope he is ok, may be his tantrums gets fixed so that he can focus more on his bowling. Sreesanth reminds me of Randy Moss.

Aussies are one up; their bowling was disciplined to the core and their spinners were better than Indian spinners. One good example was Australians bowlers bowled without a deep fine leg. The fine leg area was wide open and very minimal runs were scored in that area. No room for donkey drops. Dhoni also removed the deep fine leg, but at once, Kandaswaaaamy [Powar] and Sreesanth broke a sack of coconuts and gave about 20 runs [per ball]

T20 champions were day dreaming. I expected the T20 world cup synergy to carryover but gosh! I guess I forgot the fact that “Australia is a better team” - No arguments.

Good day,

ps:Kadasaaaaaaaaamy: A new movie in making - Vikram in zillion getup.One of the getup had a crazy headlight like red color eye mask [close to what Romesgh Powar wears.]


vijay raghav said...

hey the songs are awesome ... thotu sellum ...
in the vocals , sundar alias kishore is my cousin ......
so naan kuda paduvein pa ..oru chance hehhe ;-)