About Time

Blogging has opened a new gateway to build communities. People share various information world-wide. However My pleasure ride in Blogging for about 2.5 years [325+ Blogs] is about to end. Yes I have made up my mind to quit. 1st Due to tight schedule next questioning my self “what is the point?” Hence this will be my final posting at least for now.

Blogging has been always been an interesting hobby - writing about various things – especially about music & cricket- my favorite subjects. My friends and well wishers have always encouraged me; thanks guys; Also I make sure that I don’t hurt anyone personally in my Blogs, however still if my opinions had hurt anyone, honestly that was not my intention, this is the appropriate time for me to apologize for my carelessness, if any.

This Blog from now will serve to inform the world about my musical work and releases from time to time. Starting with this weekend at NJ, I will be sound engineering a live Tamil music show for New Jersey “Symphony”. A real honor for me – other than audio mixing performance of top class musicians, there is one more honor - the band will be performing 2 of my songs from the H1BEES album. Thanks to Ramani, Suresh Ramachandran, Drummer Karthick and other folks in the band for this great opportunity. Looking forward for the show, here is insider info: Just got the song list - it is simply peppy and fantastic. If you are around NJ, do drop in for a fun filled musical night. [dont forget to say "Hi" to me in the mix board area]
(Ps: I am now in the process of finding instrumentalists for my next album, if anyone interested send me an email [srikanth @ h1bees dot com])

Thanks every one for reading my Blogs, I am sure the same level of encouragement from you will continue in my musical ventures.It is time to close down, So Long! Friends