its wednesday! So What?

Indians will be facing England in Kochi, Local boy Sreesanth is pumped up but under slight pressure to perform in front of his home crowd. Greg the control freak Chappel has proclaimed that he has great faith for Kaif and Viru; Halo!
Where was so called faith for Gangully then? Who by all means has better performance report card than Kaif. Who just manages to trouble the scorers once a year; Kiran More for his part uttered his golden words, it seems getting in Gangully will confuse the winning combination. Further chairman of selectors said “there was no questioning the Delhi batsman's credibility”. “He has an outstanding record. He is second only to Sunil Gavaskar in the number of double centuries scored”, see the Double standards here - More & Cronies without given proper explanation managed to drop a person who has scored more runs than Sunil Gavaskar in one day. Gangully should have been given few more chances to reinvent himself. It is very clear that it is personal vendetta. “Kaif – Best of Luck Duck”.

check this short film call center movie Very funny, don’t be too sensitive - treat it as humor. imo a well made short film :)
Good day.

Ps: this my 303rd posting!..2 years of blogging gone, about 60 more complete one man year of worthles data. Planning on closing it down then.