Game Day
[India vs England - 4th one day]

India wrapped the one day series quite comfortably. Dravid played one of his best one day knocks in recent times. Even Viru I thought was back in action however fell for the spinner. Irfan is now a genuine batsman, playing number 3 is not easy; he seems to deal this task with ease. He always gives India the break through during his initial spells. Sreesanth started of well in front of his home crowed, however started to bowl poor length & line.

Agarkar’s bowling was something more than "pathetic" and very soon he settled down into his usual donkey drop mode. Why Munuf Patel was dropped and Agarkar was picked - a million dollar question which has no answer. Yuvarj in full batting mood made sure India won without hiccups. Raina supported him however for the way he got out - Dravid should punish him by saying “stand up on the bench” for rest of the evening. Raina threw away his wicket.

In fact other than one batsman all other wickets were donated to England. The one player Yeh! Mr. Kaif, He was as pathetic as before but an optimistic Dravid and Chappel would supply load of eye wash fluid to the world by saying say Kaif was just 95 short of a well made century. I clearly see Dravid adopting double standard here. Kaif needs to be kicked out. There is no other choice.

England’s vulnerabilities are being exposed right from the first game by the Indians; they don’t seem to get it right. And there is no point in weeping about the missed in Delhi etc. Bottom line India is a better team. Did anyone hear a bunch of donkeys braying “olla llaaas” during the drinks or over breaks, total annoyance; Next one day over to the North east frontier city Gauwahati, climate should be better than this steaming hot pot. I like to see a 7-0.

Finally, America voted out its best vocalists yesterday. One person who can really sing was shown the door for not singing some depressing country music properly. I think it is going to be American I-DULL from now on.

Good day,

ps:Any thing that touches the bat is a missed chance for Dean Jones. Siva once again started of “coming to age” issues – this time for Dhoni. :)