India Wins, Yuvraj played one of his best knock ever, I watched the whole innings in spite of a loooong day. Some of the drives he played were simply a class apart. Seriously his batting did help me to reduce crave for Sachin’s power play. He was well supported by Raina.

The pitch was similar to a well cleaned pavement often used in the paddy - husk separation process, in and around Gobi-Chettypalayam area. The last time they played cricket here - Raina was 14. I don’t get BCCI’s so called rotation policy. It looks more complex than the Jeevan Dharas and Jeevan Sathis from LIC. How can they permit an international game in an arena that has not seen even a local cricket game for the past 5 years? The pitch had awkward bounce and run scoring was a task. The sight screen malfunction, do they need to make more money by renting out this important apparatus of the game? What is the point in showing “Indian Oil”, “Samsung Tv” on a sight screen? Get some life guys.

Let me add the standard line borrowed from Dravid - Sehwag’s batting form is worrying. The point is it all in the stats; in about 30+ games he has just three 50’s

Kaif made another well crafted and devoted ZEROOOO. Basically scoring Zeros for India was leased to Agarkar till 2005, but from 2006 Kaif paid a lump sum and took over the egg making contract. He seems to manage it better than Agarkar. As of now there seems to overstock of Eggs, - You can place order to Kaif Egg mart by calling (850)-04-000 wow! , for some reason the phone number seemed to match his recent scoring pattern. Why don’t they drop this guy? Come on Dravid “be a man” [Thanks Russel!] – Recall Gangully - he averages better and has scored more runs for India.

Irfan bowled well- he got all the wickets using slower ones. This messaged was repeated about 2000000 times by L.Siva and Nasser Hussein. Basically my request to Nimbus –please do not get both on the air at the same time; Nasser passes a well crafted “blade” to L.Siva every 2 minutes, who in turn makes sure he uses it in full. This goes on and on …at 4.45am you are better off muting the damn speakers.

Dish Network carries the subscription advertisement and captions after every wicket, this is really stupid. Why? This advertisement can be seen only by the subscribers. They have already paid for it and are watching the dam game, then why in the world pester, harass them to subscribe the whole series again and again? The music for this clip is also compressed to a higher volume level; it is so loud at times it wakes up neighbors. A real nuisance; There was a fantastic caption, for latest cricket news and views check www.dishnetwork.com/cricket, is it? This page was last updated when Genghis Khan ruled Mongolia; why the cricket operators in dish network are so dumb about cricket?

English were beaten by a better team today! Way to go Dravid and Co.

Weekend music show was a blast, my part - sounds came out really well, it was encouraging when many congratulated me on the sounds. Thanks guys. It is always fun working with Raskia, bunch of talented musicians, but more than musicians, they are great friends to spend time with, the whole thing was kind of getting back all my school buddies, total fun. Best compliment came from a gentle man who was watching me mix, after few songs, he came to me and asked “is the band lip syncing” Wow – Yes the mix was so original and I don’t blame him for that question. Guys were thrilled when I told them about this; “Dil Se re” topped the chart;

Good day.