Magic that produces cricketers and Mangoes

What a week, had to work over the weekend, we are in the process of migrating data to a new environment. Each database took about 3-5 hours to migrate; hence during the lead time, I was watching Australia and South Africa play their “last” 1st round game. , seriously both teams were class apart.

As expected Bangladesh moved forward to play in the super 8th round, I am genuinely pleased; I was happy see Habibul Basher smile, poor guy has spent a lot time standing there with a sad face during after match presentations. He knows the pain, which in turn increase the value of this promotion and the team would cherish this for long period of time. More than the team, kudos to the Cricket officials in Bangladesh; they put down their heads to get it right, it worked and it is now the harvest time! Congratulations to Bangladeshi team, their fans! And their Amazing coach.

Playing teams like Australia, South Africa in the next round would be a tough ask for the young Bangladeshi team. Having said this, I feel Bangladesh team has nothing to lose from here on because the entire Bangladeshi cricket board and their team members have proved that they have a working “spine”, a body part that is not found in the team from the same sub continent that I “used” to support.

now over to the Magic that produced Mangoes:
After Tsunami hit the southern shores of India, officials aka RIP van winkles woke up and installed warning systems etc. Likewise, the cricketing structure in India should undergo serious changes at least now, when people like Barry Richards commented about India cricket and its management, his opinions were trashed by most including yours faithfully. Today unable to face the reality, I am hiding, my face is deeply buried into the ground like an ostrich. I have also been the culprit in this blindly devotion.

People going on riots on burning stuff, etc, IMO a ridiculous act and such acts seems to happen in places that are already a liability to the Indian economy. Just wondering about the economic contributions from the states like Jharkhand, Bihar, etc? Now the whole issue will be discussed by the elected officials and they would waste more time and money.

BCCI churns or makes money equaling a Caribbean country’s GDP or matches Director Shankar’s next movie budget. But the joke is 99% of the so called BCCI Officials are honorary aka amateur, voluntary! [What a load of crap?] These people cannot communicate in Hindi or in English or any other language. In the TV channels I was watching, each and every BCCI official struggles to speak 2 sentences fluently in any language.

People working in fortune 500 companies [that has almost the same turn over as BCCI] knows the importance of communication. Unless you talk clearly you are nowhere in the race, but as far BCCI – [A Bunch of Crap Controlling Indian cricket] officials’ rules are different. I think more than cleaning the team, the task in hand is to clean the system. The cancer in the system should be identified, exposed and radiated. This is the result of unqualified people running the show.

Also for the players, instead of instant layoff strategy that will just earn sympathy, the first step would be to issue a notice to the senior players that they would be phased out in due course. The new team should be build around them slowly reducing the importance to the seniors. Moreover, most countries in the world have a subsystem to their national team. This subsystem develops bench strength. But as far as BCCI selection is concerned, a player has various other means to get in, performance never matters.

Bottom line, management professional should manage the circus called Indian cricket. All said and done nothing will happen, perhaps as an ex-fan, until the system is cleaned we can only do this - I request everyone to say the following mantra 10 times before and after every meal.
I will not watch Indian cricket, or support the Indian cricket management and its cricketers

Ps: I have some more venting to go, next would be about the million dollar coach and his experimentation BS; for the money he was paid he was supposed to build a strong team, but scrupulously built a சாமியார் மடம் [sAmiyar madam] instead and now tries to elude the people and the press.

Good day!