Dish NETWORK and its Res”TRICK” tions

I am all set for the World Cup Cricket, watched the opening ceremony on DISH NETWORK. First and foremost the transmission quality of Dish network was quite pathetic. What is the point in paying for the package and ending up with poor quality pictures? I cross checked game clippings on other networks, [SKY, SET, DIRECTTV] pictures were crystal clear and quite a pleasure to watch cricket. Even the cricket clips shown on Sun TV news was better off than the live coverage. Dish network transmission is the worst that we could ever see.

Another joke in the Dish network’s offer – The Free internet access to watch the game on the internet, however the IP is locked down to your house DSL/CABLE connection. People, 90% of domestic connections are on dynamic addressing; very minimal number of people will have static IPs to their domestic internet. IP changes frequently for most; moreover logically speaking, having subscribed it on the TV why would anyone watch the same thing on the Computer? Direct TV seems to have much clearer and sharper pictures, how- why I wonder what you are?? Pictures are from the same origin? Why Dish network pictures are too dim, lack sharpness and like 70s a lot of ghosts?

World cup Cricket will be shown only on the primary receiver, other receivers in the house will be blacked out. This is due a contract with the Cricket broadcasters. But when we subscribe to Dish Network, they are in a contract with us to show the programs on all the receivers that we lease - does this not break my contract with them? Fear might be that some moronic subscriber will try to scam the transmission and share with others, but once again technically no one can move the receiver to a new location, the receiver will dial a number and match it with the home phone number on the account. Genuine subscribers are taken for ride by these networks.

What is this radio commentary deal in their advertisement? Till date No one knows about this??

The whole idea sounds very bizarre to me with these resTRICKStions, I called dish network to complain about the picture quality and all other details, sitting in some far-east country our good operator “Hung” - the telephone line couple of times. After some DishuM DishuM - I have raised a formal complaint on these issues, it seems it they get more calls on the poor quality they would consider fixing the problem.

Dish network needs a serious revamp of its equipment. We need clear cricket tranmission!


Jay said...

Hi Srikant

Been looking on the web for DISH cricket customers. Just called them for a price for the 2 series in India. Guess how much...?? $499.95...!! LOL...I am looking at trying to get illegal access...screw them.

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