An Over cautious Dravid and his men lost and salt on the wound they lost to Bangladesh. It all started when Dravid made 2 wrong choices. When there was a doubt about the pitch condition, and if you doubt that it might help bowlers, I would better make my already weak bowlers to try under such condition. I was kind of shocked when Dravid said he is going to bat.

As if this was not enough, Dravid picks Viru to open. His recent scoring spree competes with his cell phone number. No other player in Indian cricketing history has been given so many chances. The shot played by Viru makes me wonder about his ability. It was clearly a ball coming, very close, he could let it go, max it would beat him, however he went to play a cut short. Seriously even at the school level, our coach would warn us against cutting a ball that comes in; Indian coach contract should not be extended for this reason alone. Cutting my anger short, I would sum up as over all the performance of Indian batting was a big letdown; the batting was so pathetic I have no bad words left in my vocabulary to describe it. , I felt like calling ICC to change P [power play] to POOR play when India batted.

If you had watched the interview after the toss, Bangaladeshi captain had a clear plan while our man Dravid didn’t seem to have any. He gave some vague answer and told our batting is very good hence we will bat. Completely ignoring the ground conditions; height of insult came from L.Siva, in a sarcastic tone he asked the Bangladeshi captain if they can score 250 in this track, and captain gave a very good plan what they will do if India make high score. Bangaladesh looked well prepared and their cricket board has put forth honest effort to raise their cricketing standards. Captaincy was also very good and bowling was very tight, their Batting was very good and well planned. They must be thanking Agarkars and Zaheers for leaving their brain in the first class cloak room in the Trinidad airport.

Bowling changes by Dravid was pathetic;, . Another agony was India dropped easy catches; Dravid was also one of the culprits. In a world cup game if you drop 5 catches I think you should declared a loser then and there. Over all Dravid’s captaincy was out of sync. Sachin seemed too animated about Dravid’s moves while Gangully was just standing there wondering what was happening.

Indians losing to Bangladesh will cause some economic changes in the world cup. Many Indian companies have vested interested for India to do well, however now the game is wide open;, Indian companies would be really confused to waste money further.

Like most Indian fans, I am upset for this careless performance. Indians have their heads pinned down completely; from here on they need to win both their games and more over, like the New York giants making it to play off India need a favorable “other” team conditions.

Next few games will determine – if it is GREAT INDIAN COME BACK - HOME or not. If Indians don’t make it, my advance condolences to my friends who have spent their savings to go for the super 8 games; if this happens I think I would give up cricket for the year.