Breaking the shop coconut for path Ganesha

ICC has pulled out all clips relating to the world cup cricket from YouTube. Many have poured their views and anger and termed it to be a poor decision for cricket, whatever, Bottom line people fail to see here is broadcasters have paid ICC a large sum for the telecast, and there is no legal reason for YouTube or anyone to put the clip free of cost. What loss a clip could bring? You may ask, - tell me what popularity a poor quality compressed clip can bring? When you genuinely think about copy rights and global media rights, only thing ICC could have done better is devised a plan much ahead of time before running into this mess. I was reading Mr. Andrew Millers article on this issue, I clip oops quote the last paragraph here, “Cricket has acquired a dangerous obsession with money," wrote Cricinfo's editor, Sambit Bal, on Thursday, "to the extent where it is not a question of a game needing the money to survive or grow but making as much as possible at any cost." At this precise moment, cricket does not need money to survive or grow. It needs publicity. Publicity of on-field exploits rather than off-field outrages. It's time to loosen up and let the spectacle be enjoyed by all who wish it well.”
- Andrew Miller is UK editor of Cricinfo © Cricinfo,

What does the © mean above? Can you clarify Mr. Miller?

Do you know the Story of “Breaking the shop coconut for path Ganesha” Yes you will be blessed for the good deeds, but what about the poor coconut seller who has paid for the coconut in first place? Poor guy does even not get the chutney.

Ps: Just go and find the number of regular NFL season games clips on YouTube.