it hurts

World cup Cricket! The Semi final Ark is all set to board the final 4. Aussies are going great guns, but still we cannot absolutely state that they would win the cup for the 3rd time in a row. The next 2 teams in league are very strong on a given day and have the potential to beat the Aussies. The 4th, South Africa is still limping to get boarding pass for the semi final ark, English might play spoil sport however given the English team and their ever non- playing made of breakable plastic captain, boarding pass to the semi final ark is a very tough ask. After today’s game, rest of the games does not really matter anymore.

Bangladesh lost to Ireland, which prompted ICC to allocate a spot in the ICC one day calendar. One more pressure for the Indians, they need to make sure they are ranked above Ireland. Ponting took a pot shot at India and Pakistan and glorified Ireland is better team and they are doing for cricket! Yes the same little [5. no inches] Ponting who mentioned a while ago that Minnows should never play cricket at this level. Nevertheless, Indian team and the selector [who got away easily] of such a team should bury their head deep inside the mud, now they lost all their pride to a team that got thrashed by a real minnow! Time will tell what Ireland brings into the ICC one day arena.

Finally, What do you do when you are jobs less? - Latest trend in India suggests activities like– Strike, picketing, burn effigies, shout slogans, Donkey marches, public policing on any issues, whatever it is, a load of TV cameras will show up and you can be on TV. The latest person to honored by this Picketing line - Richard Gere, reason: the old man smooched Shipla Sheety in a public function. I am just wondering will the same folks show up in a record dance festivals often shown on Sun and moon TVs?. The time wasted by these hooligans is worse than the amount of time I spend writing this blog. It is very surprising when one side of the country works its ass out to improve the economy while few parts of country take up Minuscule matters in their hands in name of public policing. Has anyone in the picketing line contributed 1% of their time towards AIDS awareness in India? Yesterday some of this activists spoke that in Indian culture we don’t such acts yadayada..Yes, we do donkey marches, burning effigies for worthless reasons, etc etc in the name of culture. News media for heaven sake please don’t call these morons as Social workers, it hurts genuine social workers.