Sophisticated பூ

Over the weekend I saw another movie by Gautam Menon, by now it is an old movie for many, in my case I wait for the original DVD. வேட்டையாடு விளையாடு. I like the movie for the production value , casting etc. So instead of Kudos, the critic side in me is in action now. The script had few major flaws, the glaring one was, after burning a house in Brooklyn area, kills a cop, the so called killer duo escapes from JFK, as if this was not enough, they fly to India [Just wondering who was their travel Agents to get tickets so quickly?]. also they manage to escapes from Bombay Airport using the Disguise technique often found in an old CID (Jai)Shankar movie . This whole episode looked as though these guys travelled from Gumidi poondi Junction to Basin Bridge Junction. It is a 24hour flight. Yaya I hear Kamal was in coma, etc. still the escape episode was no way different from a Danush or Vijay hitting 200 people in single punch! அது கோயம்பேடு பூ, இது இன்னும் sophisticated imported பூ. After this, Once in Bombay, I expected the director to use some intelligence in getting those killers, as announced by Kamal in his staff meeting, “I have plan etc” கடைசியில் ஒரு மை....ம் இல்லை. Climax is the same old solo fight heroism, yayada yayada You too Gautam? At the end of the movie it felt like the whole story can be told in 1.5 hours with a logical climax.

The team lead by Kamal and Gautam is a rare combination that has potential to take Tamil movies to the next new level however like most Tamil movies this also had a disastrous 4th Quarter.

Good Day!

ps:World cup semi finals, my prediction, New Zealand will beat Sri Lanka and South Africa will beat mighty Australia.:) [I do hear your loud laugh!]