Power play

Power play, Indian team gave a new meaning to the letter P on the score board –P= Poor Play, Yesterday the world cup hosts WI took it to a new level - P=Pathetic Play , while South Africa ensured P =Professional Play.

West Indies played pathetically professional cricket and have been eliminated from the world cup. Their world cup record is now inferior to India. Lara captaincy was right royally poor. I am still trying to understand his game strategy, to me, it looked much more complex than Inzi ‘s English. Lara with all his experience managed and pushed the final power play to the slog overs [44-49].

Power play at 44=Pounds of Raw free meat for the hounds. In general during slog Boucher Butchers and Gibbs Whips any bowling attack, now given the power play situation it was an open ticket, raw meat, WWF, “Kubam kabeem” “Kamba kumbe” result, US Coast guard near Florida pan handle filed a report on sighting few tiny white UFOs from south Atlantic bay. Runs were scored faster than a book cricket match. Is Lara a good captain? I doubt it.

EBAY Australia reported that Ian Chappel [aka Elder Brother to the notorious Roll ‘n’ Ball Brothers] was seen lurking around during wee Australian hours. The web tracker statistics says that he was browsing and searching or shopping for a gift. Some speculated it was for Lara, I guess it must be a similar magic mirror that he gave Tendul few weeks ago.

The story of “Hosts never win the world Cup” continues. Only one West Indian bowler who was in full “swing” was Michele “Scolding” oops Holding. He words were much shaper and clear. I also felt sorry for the poor old man of West Indian Cricket, Tony Cozier. I have been his fan right from his Channel 9 days. This well balanced passionate cricket commentator from Barbados had no hesitation in putting up the facts. Yesterday after the match he was really furious, agonized and his words said it all. He simply blasted the WI cricket board. I think he went through the same emotions Indians faced few weeks back. Now the home team is gone, the stands would be empty with a valid reason. World cup seems long.

Can Bangladesh beat England? More than Bangladeshi performance, it depends on the number of drinks English players gobbled over night.

Good day.