Weekly Roundup

A food processor never cares what it is processing, its function is to meticulously and of course mercilessly chop anything and everything put into it, put in your finger or 22 carrots or beetroots regardless, its task is to chop, grind and whip! Australian cricket team functions in this fashion. A fresh bag of lettuce aka Bangladeshi was crushed, chopped and their poor technique was exposed. Their surrender to the Napoleons of cricket aka Australia was rather an afternoon quickie. The hyped home team suffered another setback; they bagged the pathetic award of the week, thanks to their fielding. And more over the game was lost to Jayasuriya’s brilliance. Sri Lankans look very good; their yapping captain finally got some runs for them. Sangakara was remarkable behind the wickets. Apart from that, there as a formality that South African had to complete. The world cup has lost its steam. Not that India and Pakistan are out, the number of games, frequent weather problems, crowd no show up, thanks to huge price and ICC not letting the local culture prevail; The final four is almost decided, mostly Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, if the English team is banned from the overnight booze loading service, may be they have a remote chance. Bangladesh and Ireland though they play with passion, eagerness yadayada!, quality of their cricket is very much below par. India and Pakistan lost to such teams is another comedy in its own. For now World cup 2007 = cold old coffee.

Moving on, one of my all time favorite Tamil movie was on TV, “Kase than kadavulada” a comical riot and spontaneous “Thenga” has no match when it comes to the tantrums and dialogue delivery. He has his own style. “Muthuraman” joins him and says it all [well we know why actor Karthick is also good in comedy], while Srikanth, Murthy, Manoroma and many more joins the fun, a very funny movie. I don’t know how many noticed this, when Thenga walks in as the swamiji, like a Sanskrit mantra he calls out the name of this co stars on the screen, “SRIKANTHARAMA MaNORAME VENNIRADA SURULSURUL”, The words “prashatama”, “athe athe” is quite popular even today. Movie also has nostalgic numbers , Music Superman Vichu rocks “andru vantha intha mayaakkam” , “mela pesungal”, “jambulingame”, fantastic boutique of songs from which we can learn how to compose true Sandam and Melody. ! I thoroughly enjoyed the movie;

The Gautami talk show: Last week end Satyaraj’s was interviewed, uninteresting. This is because Satyaraj has been appearing in almost all the Sun TV programs like comedy time, fun time, hero time, zero time, villain time, namitha time, Kalimark soda time, korukupetai silks time, good time and your bad time. Now, having made the trip to Gautami’s talk show, the only program left for him to appear is the Sun TV news. Just wondering for how many more years we would be talking about “thagudu thagudu” . Many in the East coast do not get to see this program, it airs almost on Monday. This show can be moved to an earlier slot instead of the stupid excoriating skit featuring 2 grandmothers and the lackluster crap hosted by Manivannan. I have stopped watching this “asatha povadhu yaru”. The 2 pests aka judges are total waste of time as don’t come well prepared; the show lacks ideas and direction. To laugh for Chitty Babu’s dry jokes you need an army to tickle you. At times he goes on with his double meaning jokes. And the hostess of the show, people why does she scream as though she is in the middle of a horror movie? The participants defending and ranting about Sun TV, program producers makes me feel “Dad is not hiding in the Rice Barn” Gosh! Dudes, we get it, nobody really cares if you have been hijacked for Vijay TV or Ajith TV, just move on instead of weekly dose of a@@ kissing.

Finally, check this clip here, my friends at DigiMax studio have done a spoof.,

ps: Stay away from - The Botanical Romance - starring Mr. Allergies and Your favorite Claritin De.
Have a great weekend


Nitin said...

Hi srikkanth, been reading your blog for quite sometime now, just wanted to comment for a change. i also subscribe to suntv, i agree with your comment on manivannan's show, and the 2 grandmother show, asathu povathu yaaru is actually good, but as you said the judges are not great comedians themselves, i have yet to see a movie where chitti babu was funny or say anything remotely funny. madan babu is alright, he just gets to the point and keeps it decent. but the performers are doing a good job imo, they are talented, more talented than the 2 judges mentioned, and this is the only way they can express their talent, and they should be very thankful to suntv. and satyaraj interview with gauthami was the best so far, i dont think gauthami is a great host, but sathyaraj is a great guest, he is very frank, and it always cheers me up to see his jovial attitude, and he does come on many shows on suntv, but he is just a very regular guy and you have to like him for that.

Sriks said...

Nitin,I agree to sathyaraj , I am his fan too, but I feel Oflate he has been appearing more than the suntv logo on suntv :) :)
anyways thanks for the comment.