MyTalk Radio Thursday

I never miss the “NeeyA NAna” Talk show conducted by Gopi on Vijay TV. Gopi is an amazingly talented TV host and I hope I get to meet him one day. In the latest edition, the discussion was about government helping sport personalities, after the discussion in the general I felt more support is needed for other sports; let me throw in an idea, how about forcing BCCI to share a portion of money just to help other sports in India? They are making enough to support the Northern Hemisphere. It is about time for BCCI to adopt other sports and improve them.

Australian Cricket team now in India, the series is being hyped and Pointing wants to improve his batting average in India. Symonds behavior reached an extent even his country men were unable to tolerate and digest his attitude, good that he was sacked. However Har “bad boy” Bajan Singh is now looking for some other Australian player to test his Zoological skills. I think Cricket Australia’s stocks are not doing well, Greg “roll the ball my brother” Chappell will be present in the Aussie dressing room. He was last seen on EBAY Australia and now he gets to watch his countrymen change cloths -once again. He is supposed to do a comparative study on Indian and Aussie dressing habits and will be doing a presentation to the ICC. [International clothing committee] The game will be on Zee Sports and it is going to cost me money, will the FEDs bails me out? Why not?

The US Economy is in real doldrums, just a week ago the Republican Presidential candidate Senator John McCain assured that American economy is deeply rooted and double strong as Star Bucks Venti Americano, but yesterday the deep root (beer?) took a boot and he has suspended his campaign to save the economy. (Fire in the mountain [Capitol Hill] run run run run) Wall Street CEOs have GDPs more than some countries today, now a package to save and protect them from their past mistakes.

My question is simple common sense - How can an economy that was deep rooted a week ago suddenly change course towards financial dooms day scenario? Anyone with "statutory" common sense would understand that such crisis cannot happen overnight, the truth is it’s been brewing for a long time,
Government has been busy buying large quantities of diapers and other products to cover or patch the leak,

finally this week they discovered No diaper can prevent diarrhea or using my native analogy, a XXL sized pumpkin cannot be hidden inside a Chipotle’s Burrito bowl I hope the politician’s gets it right before they order more food for thought. Medically Diarrhea [Thanks Sanjay Gupta on CNN] is not fatal anymore, one good reason why we are still eating in Wendy’s or TACO Bell, but when it comes to financial industry, this condition would lead to total dehydration in the economy and I guess ordinary mortals has no other choice to wait and see if the so called package would hydrate the economy. - Trusts me -- Prayer helps.

I am selling more CDs than many Wall Street Banks :)