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I am a great cook, a wonderful speaker and a super sportsperson, why? I have neighbors who are very good at these activities. Do your neighbors influence your knowledge on a subject?
Yes according to Sarah Palin on CBS., more over I learnt Russian Supreme leader Putin can fly planes. Here is a cost cutting capital idea, Foreign Service Institute should send Foreign Service Officer Trainees to various border towns of US, and executives of the towns can train them. People living in the borders automatically get trained in International relationships. Duh!.

The US presidential race is total fun to watch on various cable channels. CNN which is now in HD [Higly dramatic] is having a ball; one quick request, please send the makeup personals for training once again. High definition TV exposes about 5 to 10 layers of makeup material on most guest and anchors. Some of them bear a resemblance to Kamal characters in Dasaavatharam. Just a note on Dasaavatharam , few months ago I went to watch Dasaavatharam in our local theater and I found more number of Kamal’s on the screen than the audience count.

Lately for about a year I have been using Apple Mac and IPhone,I got them to learn the architecture, and to test the power of the OS. I have been developing IPHONE components etc, Apple opened up 3rd parties to develop application for IPHONE and made a huge gaga over it, however if a 3rd party developer is smart enough to develop products that would restrict the usage of their native products like ITunes etc, Apple issues a patch and closes down the development environment. Apple is so greedy that they do not permit iPhone users to upload their own ringtones [In my case “my own compositions”]. They want to make a buck on each ring tone. I agree copyrights of ring tone etc, however if the ring tone is free or self composed, I should have the freedom to choose what I want, all other phone companies permit it. Few months ago some brilliant developer found a hack/method to upload their own ring tones onto the IPhone, - puff - it just took matter of days for APPLE to the send a patch that prevented users from loading their own ring tones.

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From a comment post in that site : Microsoft should NOT be allowing installation of programs such as "Mozilla Firefox" or "Google Chrome", just because they duplicate features of "Internet Explorer”,

oh! No, if Microsoft does the same it is monopoly.

I guess God had a very good reason to prevent humans from not going anywhere near the Apple

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