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I got up this morning expecting the world to end, it did not hence I felt I should resume my blog, over the weekend I met few of my good "old" friends and they gave me a pep talk and boosted my ego. Hence I guess I have to try and find time to write blogs.

A bunch of scientists joined together and spent about £5bn for an experiment to re-create the big bang Theory, technically the World is supposed to have ended today. Damn nothing happened, world is still spinning and I have go to work and face my boss again. 5 Billion pounds down the drains to prove something that no one really cares about. Do you know there is a company that is been proving the Big Bang theory for lesser cost (1.8 billion) - TACO bell.

David Letterman show, Letterman is a liberal; liberals are generally concerned about Global warming etc. David Letterman once mentioned that “We are dead meat,” and blamed the administrators for not dealing the global warming issues. Have you noted this, 9 out 10 guests invited to the Letter man show complain about the room temperature (air-condition) in the studio. It is simply cold and well below polar bear standards. I was just wondering how much of global warming gases those air conditioners would emit, his studio could be one of the main reason for the arctic meltdown. I guess Mr. David Letterman has not heard the saying “practice before preaching”.

Football season started last week with minimal bang and nothing special happened other than resurrected Brett Favre is now playing for NJ nets and super star Tom brandy was injured. Patriots pain continues, they lost their most important game of the season last year, however I would put the blame on Costco, who closed early on the day. Hope they have Sams Club membership this year; Sams have better DV tapes and never closes its doors for its customers. I know Patriots fan are going to hate me for this statement.

It is matter of time - the front end of computer application would simply be a web browser hosted in a device hence Google joined the browser war. I did use Chrome, did not find anything amusing.

CS: thanks for calling bla bla bla

User: this is regarding the web based online bill payment application, my left column over laps with the right column and middle column moved deep down right, It was working well yesterday.

CS: okay no problem thanks for patience, what browser you are using?

User: I just installed Chrome.

CS: blink!.

Manager: damn! Support cost just went up again, my web developers now have one more Div tag to worry about,