My Talk Radio - Friday

A powerful Hurricane is bound for the Texas coast, hope people are moved to safety. IKE’s winds could be felt as far as Maryland; IKE is expected to make a land fall in our neighborhood gas stations in about 48-60 hours. An expert at CNN situation room has confirmed the news.

Houston, Houston we have a Situation here, - Producers of CNN situation room program are getting obsessed day by day with giant TV screens displays and touch screens and what not! , it is just matter of time they convert the floor to a TV screen, soon the anchor will walk from one city another city when the news context changes, and jump and swirl to produce gusty winds on the screen. CNN Situation Room–where there are more TV displays than Best Buy or Circuit city combined. Watching this on High Definition is a Complete Colorful Nightmare [CNN] 

We had a unique recording over the weekend in my studio; we had about 20-25 kids recording voices over for Ramayan play. Kids enjoyed the studio environment and were total fun to with work with. The idea is to produce an audio CD with voiceovers, special effects, music etc, kids would then act live on stage with CD being played in the background.

Cricket! Ganguly was not considered for the selection; Rahul Dravid still has his place intact. Sachin should be back from injury. The last time Sachin played to his potential was against Australia which India won.

Breaking news from CNN situation room South East Asia Edition - Lord Maha Vishnu‘s cabinet meeting is going on in an undisclosed place near Milky way. The discussion is about a demon that is rising in power, Common human beings find it very difficult to cope up with and control the demon and its egoistic slipshod approach over the years. BCCI watch it, your end is nearing.