Weekend TV

During the weekend, I got to watch the Sun TV morning edition News. Man! …the news reader has set a new standard in Tamil Pronunciation. His Pronunciation was totally rotten and obnoxious to the core. Adding to the fun he sits wearing western outfit. I really don’t know why Mr. Doctor is not worried about this language insult by Sun TV. Oh! I hear, he only admits and treats Cinema patients.

What are the criteria for getting the news reader job in Sun TV? Very simple, the news reader MUST FAIL TO pronounce certain set of words.
How long people are going to take it? Is the News producer of the morning edition Tamil deaf? How can he/she cope up with such a poor news reader who makes 200000 PMW [Pronunciation Mistakes per Word]?

Audience already tortured by biased news item line up, adding to the agony this guy sits there [in absolute western costume] and takes the language in own hands. Crushes, Grinds and squeezes it at regular intervals.
If you cannot read and pronounce Tamil properly why the hell go for the news reader job? He can try to be Tamil-VJ; or write a Blog!, he would be automatically pardoned for his language sins.

The only reason I see that he is still around in spite of his obnoxious language is someone with power in Sun Tv is pushing for him. ! Ridiculous! As Tamilians in order to keep the language beauty intact we tend to scold Udits and Sukiwinders for spoiling our language, clearly ignoring elements like these, are we hypocrites?

On Visu’s Aratai aranggam on Sunday, a 105 year old women was on stage. Amazing, this old women can talk 5 languages; she and her husband were freedom fighters under Mahatma Gandhi. When Mahatma Gandhi was shot, there were nine others who tried to protect him died along; one of them was her husband. She clearly recollected the incident and told the story in English. This lady has 3 kids who went missing during the partition. They are yet to come back, she is been living alone for past 60 years.

She was living in a very bad and poor condition. She told “I cannot beg” for money. It seems she asked the government for a job to make her living, but nothing came from the government. Past 60 years she has been living alone.
Visu’s Aratai Arangam Team has admitted this 105 year old women to the Old age home Vishsharanty” , she is been taken care by many there. She looked bright and clear for her ripe age of 105 years. She spoke in clear Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English. I am wondering how many people similar to her are still around. It was very moving to watch this on TV. In the midst of entertainment Television, I never miss “aratai aranggam” Kudos to Visu for this meaningful show.