We have read in the Hindu mythology about “Pralayam” , nature wipes out everything in its path of destruction. On Dec 26th 2004, Costal towns in southern India and South East Asia faced one such natural calamity. Towns were wiped out in matter of seconds. Just as world seemed forgetting 26th Dec 2003 where people of Iran suffered a massive earth quake calamity, we have another disaster to digest. The calamity this time is in my neck of the woods.

It was on Christmas night, when my dad called me to tell there was a minor earth quake in Chennai. I checked the websites on Earth Quakes status and saw a mighty red square near Indonesia. We assumed this to be an after effect. But today we are now trying to cop up with what happened then. Tsunami waves from the so called beautiful ocean has swallowed life forms in matter of minutes. Most did not know what hit them.

It is time for us to join hands and provide help in what ever way we can.
If you have not done it, do it now, please make contribution with your credit card to the Relief and Rehabilitation, please visit the following link. aidindia.org