India Win the Kolkata test and the series.

India clinched a home series after about 2 years, last time they did was in 2002. Harbajan bowled a tight line to finish with 7 wickets; this was enough to fetch him the man of the match award and a new color TV.

Kumble was on par with Kapil Dev on wickets haul. Nitini [caught Dravid] became his 434th wicket. He joins Kapil in being the highest wicket takers for India. As per record books, Kumble achieved the milestone in 90 Test matches, which is about 40 -41 test match lesser than Kapil Dev. Did Kapil really take longer time to get his 434, is it? Let us open this can of worms. Do the number of matches played significant here?, I would like to see number of overs bowled by each bowler.
Kapil Dev bowled about 4624 overs to get 434 wickets, on the other hand Kumble has bowled about [+/-] 5161 overs for his 434 , the bottom line , Kumble has bowled 450-500 overs more than Kapil Dev. Number of Matches does not matter here. To equal this record, Kumble had to bowl a lot than Kapil Dev.

But having reached this mark nothing should be taken away from Kumble, who in general is not a natural spinner or tuner of the ball. He had to work really hard to reach his land mark. Congratulations to him. Sehwag was given man of the series, he got a 42 inch wide screen plasma!...TV wow!. I wish I could get one soon to watch his next knock. This guy rocks!...in his speech also. Sehwag has become our house hold guy now.

Gangully was seen walking around with his (4 year old?) daughter; these guys get very little time to spend time with their family. It was nice to see him introduce his little kid to everyone around. Just like my daughter, she was very shy to the core and stuck tight on her dad’s shoulders. Ganguly promised to win the Bangladesh series. I really do not care about Bangladeshi series, however it can help many Indian batsmen to come back to form, this includes also the God.

Finally the long cricket series and subscription has ended, I hope I will to get to sleep my full quota till the Pakistan series in February. Or Dam who knows may be I sit with my crown [aka head phones] and call it proudly a recording session!