I am back; it was really brutal, wicked, and cruel and mean for past weeks now, Yes! It is winter time, it is so cold even the Sun [the real one, not the Serial Killer TV] shows up late to work with a nice Armani Jacket. I remembered my back breaking school days where we were forced to carry excess baggage in the name of school books. I am about 30 pounds extra now with my winter fashion on me.

My strenuous work for past month finally took its toll on me. I had a visitor, some form of virus that gave me a viral flu. Went to the doctor but he gave me short and sweet prognosis – He told me there is no medicine yet to handle Virus. Best will be to rest for couple of days. Alright, the only rest request I obey is the musical Rest.
[Check here] No way I afford to be on the bed for a whole day, I kept my schedule going. I had to stick with the over the counter medicines that are close relatives of my economics professor, like him they also made me very sleepy and more dull all through the week [weak rather]

At a point of time, while Sachin whacked his highest, the virus was busy whacking me , it made 105, and stayed there glued [like Rahul Dravid] during the weekend. Finally yesterday had some energy to regain and come out of medication.

I have been out of sync with world news, the sad news was demise of Shri M.S.Subhalakshmi, been hearing the voice of late M.S.Subhalakshmi from the day I started to recognize music. Her soulful rendering “kurai ondrum illai” to Venkatesa suprapAtham keeps me going while dealing the pressure of life. Music lost one of its greatest daughters.

All Other news was just the same, The Hindu pontiff was still in prison; India trashed Bangladesh, and went to win the test match.
During my sick leave, I watched a movie called “Kamaraj”, I have heard lot from my teachers about him during my school days. Simply an Amazing leader, I still remember hearing his funeral procession via AIR [Madras -1] with my late grand mother. At that time we were in Laxmipuram [a hamlet near Chromepet Madras]. I was about 7 years old then, I remember seeing My grand mother in tears, I asked why? She simply told me he was a great leader. I really did not get the emotion at that time. However, later during my school days I read and learnt about his great man, he was the last genuine leader who followed Gandhism as his life principle.

Finally, believe it or not, I had to go on an official visit to NewYork during my sick leave, Manhattan during Christmas! Season, is something everyone needs to see in their life. I will write more about it in my next Blog.