Game Day, Second Test

India vs South Africa

At close of play South Africans have about 66 runs lead with 5 wickets in hand. The day started of slowly and Indians increased their lead and was bowled out just before lunch.

South Africa started and Hall survived a very close LBW call from Zaheer Khan. Hall was playing an ugly cricket on one end. He had to dance around for about 60 balls for his 21, but his captain on the other end played some nice decent cricket, he kept the score board ticking.

Slowly the deficit was erased. Just before tea Harbajan started to take wickets, this was kind of the turning point. I think Anil Kumble played a vital role in this. He pinned the batsmen really well and next over Harbajan continued push the pins deeper, he got the break through,. From 77 for no loss, scored moved to 81 for 2 at tea; Kolkata crowd was going nuts.

Jacq Kallis was very lucky, he was clearly out to a close bat pad edge, and umpire missed it. How could he miss such an easy decision?, GOD only knows the answer. Slater commented India missed Gilly who would walk for this. Kalils who nose cries loud even for genuine decisions had no problem standing there gleaming at the disappointed Indians Eleven.

Gangully was totally annoyed, I am sure he will be fined for his gestures. Who cares! Hey it was clearly out, given the nature of Kallis batting strength, Gangully had every right to perform a “Kali” dance. Kallis was 52 [for 1] a close.
The disappointment faded away soon as wickets keep falling at regular intervals.
VVS took a great catch to get rid of Smith. Smith was caught at 2 slip, however ball almost traveled some where near gully. VVS made a quick diving effort to send the South African caption out. The reaction time was too small to print. Smith played very well for this 71; in my opinion, Smith was the only South African player in the touring party with some batting class.

The Next catch was also a beauty, or may be lucky also. A quick thick edge which clipped the pads of Keeper Dinesh Kartik went high in the air to “Point” region where Sehwag had enough time to gobble it.

In the morning TV show, both the camps was asked about the days play, south African coach told they would score about 150 runs lead by end of days play.

While on the Indian side, Sehwag was the spokesmen, he told it will be hard and dangerous to play Harbajan and Kumble. By the way, Sehwag now talks in fluent English, few years ago he would switch to Hindi, but this time he had no problem talking to Slater.

Over all South Africans are ahead by 66 runs and have 5 wickets, in hand, I am sure Kallis will come with a lorry load of Fevico and super glue. Indians needs to come out in a positive frame and wipe the tail out. India can score up to 200 on this track on the final day. A good 5th day's play is on cards.