Gambir and Dravid made merry. Dravid became the first player in test cricket history to score centuries in all the test cricket playing nation. Congratulations to him, nice to see him on Turbo mode after the lazy show down ride against the South Africans.

Gambir who missed his first century by just 4 runs against South Africa, scored the ton, which will pull the plug for Akash Chopra. But for Gambir, a good dose of confidence boost for this young opener. I heard that Sehwag spent his day weeping (ROFW) for missing an easy 400, wire news from WI reads Lara was relieved. He record is safe as of now.

At close Sachin and Dravid were placed well, I am sure Dravid will score a 200. Sachin might create records, another 120 for 10,000 and a century to overtake the current Indian Batting consultant’s record. That’s all about cricket.

Yesterday on “Apprentice” on NBC, a 37 year old army guy who runs a software firm got the job. “Apprentice” is a very interesting TV reality Show, where the winner needs real managerial and other corporate skills to become a Trumpet [Mr. Trump’s pet]. Mr. Donald Trump, a filthy rich corporate giant, offers a top position in his corporate empire to the winner of this TV reality show. This show is different from the most reality shows where a person is paid a million to eat worms or stand in a pile of Crap, all this money just to prove their tolerance level.

This is a real corporate white color reality show. I follow this when time permits, and yesterday’s finale Mr. K got the job, he deserved it.
There is a rumor that Indian version of this show will be on Air soon. I am thinking for a name! , “ThozilaLi” , or if SunTv does it, they might call it “Kazaga thondan?” …who cares. For past 2 weeks, believe it or not, I have been missing major portion of Sun TV. Good, if this trend continues I think I will quit this dreaded habit of watching SunTV to kill time.

TGI-Friday: Today is our office Xmas Party, I get to eat bread and lettuce leaves while everyone will be busy gobbling grilled steak and other goodies made from various animal parts. There is going to be a live Jazz show by a local Dc club band. So from 12.00 noon, it is a paid holiday celebration.
This weekend we have football for 2 days…6 games to watch, of that 2 will be on HD. Playoffs round the corner, this year the playoff line up is very interesting. A tough playoff season with lots of heart breaks is guaranteed. Have a good weekend!