Crap seen on TV

I was watching a TV show called "America's got Talent" on NBC [Nations
Boring Channel]. The show did not make any sense to me at all; even
kids show on NICKtoons is better, they are interesting and

Three great Judges were trying to find best among apples, toilet
tissues, keyboards, hairclip, ants and coffee. They are being paid
high dollars to press the X button and of course the package is not
complete without superficial statements on love, pride, passion, so
called wit filled pithy comments in British accent. For the money
paid, we also get see how celebrities fight amongst themselves. Regis
must be getting couple of millions for a portfolio that is now way
superior to the Airport PA announcer. Studio audience gets to watch
the crap live while as a bonus they get to boo at the judges.

Seriously the whole concept seemed dumb to me, it has too much act
diversity with well cooked chaos. May be NBC can think of splitting it
like LAW and ORDER – SVU/Crime unit etc say "AMT–Childish" or "AMT-
Silly", "AMT-Ridiculous" or AMT–Pathetic.

Irony here is a talented Brit producer is running the show to pick the
most talented American. Simon Cowell knows "America's got Gimmicks."
He is using it quite well. Tell me what is talent got to do with a
person throwing and catching a set of bowling ball with knife attached
to its or his ass? How this is different from a fear factor
participant who swallows leaches and who don't hesitate to swim on
skunk puke in name of Determination. This act is followed by a 6 year
old prodigy playing Bach on a grand piano.

Talent is a natural ability to do something well, stunt is something
dangerous mostly done to as a challenge or to entertain people A stunt
or show piece will have caption "do not try this at home - this was
performed by professional stunt personnel". Most gigs shown in this
show was pathetic. The crying Russian dancer in particular; the 70
year male strip dancer, the horny guy, he had about 20000 cycle horns
tied on to him, plays music using it. Sounds interesting? But the way
he played it sounded worse than a circus seal playing the same. The
judge told that he looks amusing, yes, just like a Bear riding a bike
in the circus.

Do you know the "America's most desperate" - TV producers for NBC, CBS
etc, these folks need to attend a full time course on entertainment
rehabilitation; if it works for them, we should send our Sun TV
producers and directors.

Our Sun-TV directors are superior primates when compared these guys. I
need to congratulate the director of Tamil serial Kolangal, his
thought process is seriously as unique as an alligator or a jelly
fish. Someone please patent the gustatory system in his brain. His
taste process is so useless even Brahma rues his creation. There is
another comedy when you read the title card of Anandam, there is a
person with a portfolio called "Creative head". I would change this
dude's title to Dick Head instead.

Good day.