OGIM [oh! God its Monday]

Monday Morning Traffic was crawling on 270 towards 495 belt way. It was more or less of a "Janavasam" for everyone. Like starved rodents let go lose, little topless cars zigzagged through lanes. In the name of music some cars were blasting "the Brigade road thuds". I really do not know the purpose of having 10 lanes. My agony was padded well by the morning show on DC-99.5. These guys come up with some crazy gigs and remove pain from the every lasting "Janavasam ride".

Yesterday on Sun TV I managed to catch "sapathaswarangal", an all kid show, presided by Gana Ulagananthan. Every kid sang with perfection. One that got my attention was "Srinithi" she should be about 10 or something, apart from a sweet voice, the expressions she was able to deliver into the song was simply amazing. She seemed to have all the qualities of a play back singer; it is just matter of time she reaches the lime light.

Italy won the world cup, France lost. I did watch the game. Penalty shootout seemed ridiculous to me that too in a final. 90 minutes of regular time was simply mocked. You can ask me, how you can then finish the game. I would change the rules – have 2+1 penalty shoot outs, one in the beginning and one during ½ time. The regular time should be used to score something more than achieved in those penalty shoot outs,. If the score are equal still, one more shoot out at the end. This will restore some honor to the regular 90 minutes. Play your heart out but if the result is end based on last 10 minutes in the shoot out, seriously it makes the game really dull than what it is already. btw: The French captain did a head butt to an Italian player. It was like watching "Chimbu" in action.

Yesterday NBC had a short news clip on why Americans don't like Soccer. The report said it was a boring blah blah blah and they termed Soccer as "Rest of the world sport" and the winner as "rest the world champions". Topic then shifted went towards baseball; but they covered up baseball with its old tradition etc duh! How interesting is Baseball? To me the entire 11 innings fiasco feels like watching hibernating polar bears roll over in their bed; or watch VVS and Dravid play for a draw [with 2 turns each]. Nothing much happen other than swing and a miss. Desi scientists in Harvard or Berkley can try this, create a turbine that traps the air flow from each swing and miss to generate electric which powers the beer refrigerator in the stadium. Homer Simpson was damn right on money. Unless you get drunk nothing seems interesting in this sport. My take is in order to make this game interesting - the spectators should get drunk - more the merrier- while the players get doped.

Finally – as per US sports media, I guess playing Baseball between Main Street and Wayzata blvd fetches the world champion title but in Soccer playing against world teams gets only the "Rest of the world champion" title.