Back to Cricket!

Various things are happening in India cricket, and few of the major
controversies are being created by people who are no longer listed
active for duty or service.

Case 1: Gangully Vs Jagan "Mohini" Dalmia, broken horses are waging
fierce verbal war. Gangu used this fingers again, he showed his middle
finger and pointed at his so called mentor Dalmiya , he held Dollmia
responsible for the celebrated Chapell email leak that sealed
Gangully's cricketing carrier. Mr. Dolly is notorious and known for
his of such activities is busy denying his charge - only a naive soul
will believe Dolly's side of the story. These guys have made enough
money why they are still hungry for power? Like thenga Srini would
say "antha karuppaNNasami than kapAthanam".

Case 2: Majeraker/Sachin issue, ManjuJi made "sweeping" statements on
Sachin. Sanjay the "technically blah blah blah" Manju wrote in his
newspaper column that Sachin is afraid to accept failure; when ever
Sachin goes low on batting form he takes a medical break Yah! The team
of orthopedic surgeons and other doctors who diagnose his problems
must have had an IQ below 25. Well, it is his opinion - he has to
right to express it. But just about few years ago Manjuji had
different sets of opinion on Tendulkar. In the past his swaggering commentary on
TV established his blind faith on Sachin the cricketer in High
definition digital color. But what is that "something" that suddenly
changed San"juice" course? And Sachin usually never replies to such
opinions or claims by anyone, however may be for first time he has
shown displeasure directly to the press.

Team selection, I am just wondering how Dinesh Mongia made it back in
to the team. He has an average of bowling not more than 10 balls per
innings in the past. How did he make it to the team? Why was he
recalled? Did he attend a special camp or is there some one who can
push so much load [of crap] in that part of India? Seriously the board
was brutal to the new faces in spite of performances. Sri Lanka is in
top form. It is very hard for India to beat them at home and if India
losses badly again in this one day series, people would not hesitate
to show the coach his name sake - Patharatchalu. In my opinion he is
totally inefficient.