Friday Sermon

The recent downpour in Maryland had caused power surges in my studio; in spite of spike busters etc, firm ware in one of my midi hub was fried; M-Audio resolved it at once, thanks to their fantastic support. Currently things are back to normal. During this cleanup work, I managed to co ordinate serious gadgets upgrades. The studio is now properly wired for foreground and background scoring. A new powerful gadget landed in the studio for this and other purposes. I am now a proud owner of a brand new gadget! What is it? Musicians never tell their secret. I would discuss more after I churn out songs using it. However the manufacturer tells me that I am the 5 th Indian to own this thingy; this will change my work flow to something remarkable. I am hoping that my musical carrier will take a serious step forward; please wish me luck;

One main reason I went for upgrades was to work on film scoring, but the bottom line MPGD ["Man Proposes God Disposes"]. Things don't happen like you had planned for or the trusted someone takes you for granted; life shall takes it course; priority changes for people, nevertheless I have been doing music for long enough that I usually don't deviate for such petty issues. It did make me feel gloomy but consolation is – "what can you do? It is not your fault" Sea is full of fishes or Saravana-Bhavan is not the only restaurant that serves "paper dosa"; - Hold it, I see that you frown and wonder what the heck this guy is whining about, nothing, just my "@#$@#@" story.

Moving on - My next song is a Hindi track, you can see the banner below; I would be introducing two more wonderfully talented folks. "Raghu and Ajay" I will talk about them once the track is released. One thing I want to say is, it was a pleasure working with Raghu and Ajay. Bharath has played my drum score with lots of punch and flow. I am sure this track would be a new beginning for me and my talented team. Following this there are 3 or 4 Tamil songs in the production bin for this summer, I will be introducing more vocalists. The collection includes a sequel to "vaisayakkari" track called "Nadodi kalaignan" - Introducing - Siddharth, Just hang in there for more updates.

Have a great weekend;