Tamil Single Release!...

If he had taken an alternative career path or his music seriously he could have gone all the way to the tinsel town kodambakkam, but like many “talented” Desis he side tracked his music for a day job. Folks, meet Siddharth from Richmond, Virginia. The singer I am introducing today is a genuine vocal power house.

Having worked with various talented singers, my observation is that often a singer is influenced by their idol; Do not get me wrong, this influence is perfectly ok and normal. But when I heard Siddharth, it was hard to guess his idol; he had a voice and a tone that will identify him. Siddharth was able to bring in expressions that I had in my mind.About a month ago, I auditioned him in my studio. We recorded peppy folk song which would be a sequel to the Vasiyakari (Written by Udhaya); officially that was his first song in my studio. This is his second song;

Coming to the lyrics part –why I choose to write it? The subject that I had worked for this is track was kind of personal. I had to write lyrics so that I can convey my emotions directly..

How many times a friend, a colleague or a peer or a trusted someone abandoned you? How many times you helped someone for their growth and they simply discarded you when you are no longer needed. This happens to every human being, people in the art field are soft targets for such ugly incidents. Regardless of what of the twins says ["thick skin" "face reality" etc] nevertheless these are painful circumstances to deal. This is when an artist tends to seek spiritual refuge, over period of time every artist will get over it and life continues. I am not trying to prove anything to anyone however this does reflect my emotions on such issues.

I kindly request you to hear the song couple of times on a good speaker system.

You can download the song from my website...click the image below.

Good day!.