38th and on.....

I have been watching Sachin Tendulkar play for long long time now, in various cities, stadiums and coutries, and after he reached the eluding triple figure mark yesterday, I would say the reception he got from the Sydney fans would be the best till date. Even Mumbai would have not adored and applauded their home town son the way Sydney fans did. Why not, Sachin can pretty much score a triple figure when he plays at SCG again, he averages 300+ at Sydney Sachin cricket ground. Almost the entire stadium gave an standing ovation, - boys, girls, dads, moms everyone watching the game felt happy to watch Tendulkar score his 38th.

Ganguly’s confidence is very high hence his foot work was near perfect. He was playing some of his best shots and I expected him to score a 100 much before Tendulkar. He fell for casual shot, nevertheless it was a great innings from the Bengal southpaw.

Another aspect of Indian innings was that Tendul pushed the tail-enders to face, which gave them the confidence to score runs. Sachin seems to have understood the SCG pitch perfectly and went on to provide a lot of input to the batsmen at the other end. He never tried to protect them, he just let them play. Harbajan plundered Aussie attack and while Ishanth felt comfortable and went on to make 23 until Bret Lee stepped in to stop the show. I guess batting potential finally clicked yesterday, the so called Top 4 – Sachin, VVS, Gangully,Dravid scored more than 50.

The over rate was quite pathetic by Ricky Ponting. I remember Ganguly being accused by the whole of Aussie press for slow over rate. There was a minor verbal tussle between Symonds and Harbajan. Press speculates racial abuses etc [Symonds is known for playing the race cards]. I really don’t think Harbajan would use racial slurs etc. My guess is that he would have told "we made the score with 11 players playing once" or something similar, Hayden was also seen making comments at Harbajan. Ricky and his men get frantic when their plan fails to work. It was evident yesterday.

Yuvraj had no clue while Dhoni’s poor technique on bouncing track was exposed however both these young guns are Indian’s future; hence I think we should not write them off right away. Both have the potential to steal the show from Tendul and VVS by playing a great knock and win the game for India.

I think if India gets Australia for less than 250 tomorrow, India will win this game. Let me keep my fingers crossed.

Ps: Indians need to thank Buckner for no ruining Tendul’s party.


Shankar said...

Both Yuvraj and Dhoni are flat track bullies fit only for 50 overs or less games!! I can't imagine a person having scored 169 in a previous innings looking so lost and poor in technique over the next 3 innings!! Besides, the body language of Yuvraj, both while fielding and batting has been horrible. Atleast Dhoni has looked chirpy and has kept well. I may be proven wrong, but I have never had confidence in either of them, while playing away from the country.

As you mentioned, Ganguly being in such fine form, is using his confidence to play at this superior level. Where did Yuvraj's confidence go, especially after the team and Kumble having rejigged the batting order, forcing Dravid to reluctantly open, made room for him in the batting order? If it were me, I would be electric on the field and doing my best to repay the faith shown in me...not perform so lacklusterly!! It's all in the attitude and fighting spirit!! Of course, no one has that more than Ganguly!!

BTW, it was a splendid century from Sachin...I was so nervous when he was in the 90s!! :-)

Sriks said...

I was so nervous when he was in the 90s!! ---
India , Elangai, Malaysia, Singpore, USA "nervous"

I agree Yuvi is a prentender
Dhoni is a natural player..i will given him more time.