What Next?

The India/ Australia cricket party is still in jeopardy. Ponting does not want to back down while ICC also stated that it will not back down. I like to hear Mr. Speed’s opinion on the one sided hasty tribunal that happened under the leadership of Mike Procter after the Sydney test. BCCI says they will pull out the triangular one. I am just worried about the money I paid to watch cricket.

Just to recollect the past this is not the first time that Mike Procter found himself into a mess. He was the match referee during the Pakistan ball tampering saga, where he failed to fulfill his responsibility and permitted Umpire Hair on his collision course. Remember ICC sacked Mr. Hair which establishes the fact Proctor did not do his job correctly. Do you know that Mike Procter is a Wrong Legged bowler? That seems to be the case in his “match refereeing” portfolio.

As a cricket fan I am just wondering whom to believe here, respected players Sachin Tendulkar and Anil Kumble have categorically stated that Harbajan has not uttered such words, and Ponting and his men sewing the story other way. History says Australian cricket team has used much stronger language during cricket games and Steve Waugh made it official by calling it “mental disintegration”. All said and done the tour is on, and Perth test will be a historical one, much will spoken about this test than the Sydney saga.

More than the “wrongly” accused Harbajan Singh it is the press, the commentators and others have uttered term “Monkey” million plus times now.

What next should I sue the Chinese astrologer who told me that I was born in the year of monkey?


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