Ponting leads bunch of whiner and liars;

If Cricket Australia cares of its reputation for the game, I think Ponting should be sacked. It was the ugliest, potentially violent or an ill-mannered performance by an Australian side. Indians should say enough is enough and should fly back home, may be enjoy a vacation in Bali.

This is not the first time Australians are doing things to a visiting team. They are notorious in every home series, in the past every 50-50 chances somehow seems to favor the Australians. This time, in order to equal the world record Ponting and his men sunk the game to a new disgusting level possible. Check the clips, picture
speaks more than words.



Harbajan’s Bunny was furious and was fuming at the reporters when the reporters questioned his integrity. Picture perfect replays are available to prove that Ponting had grounded the ball and appealed for a catch. Ponting after all edged a ball to Dhoni and stood there for umpire’s decision; such a person claims that he integrity? Duh! Ricky Pointing is a "dishonest" captain.

Harbajan vs. Symonds: Harbajan sacked based on the testimonial by 2 honest Australians. The honest blokes are Michel Clarke and Hayden. Michel Clarke stood there waiting for the umpire’s decision when he edged the ball and he was caught red handed. I have never seen a cricketer waiting for an umpiring decision when he had been caught in slips. The best act of dishonesty came when Clarke claimed that he took a catch when he had grounded the ball. And remember Clarke is the vice captain prospect for the team.

I still remember the day Hayden walked up to Dravid and uttered some nasty words. More over Sachin Tendulkar testimony was never taken into consideration, if at all there was someone with integrity present on the field when the incident happened, it was Sachin Tendulkar. Umpires did not hear, no replay clips, Sachin did not hear, I feel Symonds accusation is very dubious.

Another joke, McGrath joins the party has supported Ponting actions and has said Indians are over reacting. He is scheduled to fly to India to play for IPL, and Indians would be paying him a lot for getting him here. If BCCI has any shame left in them they should not permit any Australians to play in IPL, who needs them?

The Double tongue Slater: Slater appears on the Indian Commentators panel with an innocent face but takes special effort to trash Indians on the Channel 9 commentary. There was huge verbal dual between Tony Grieg and Slater. World knows how Slater behaved in India. For which he conviently attributed his personal issues in life. WTF?

For Once BCCI seems to stand behind its players.

But, if BCCI decides to get on with the series, it should go on with following conditions.
1. Nullify the Sydney test
2. Umpires should be changed for Perth
3. Withdraw allegation against Harbajan, Symonds should apologize.

Australian media speculate a huge sum of money would be demanded from BCCI cancels tour, - who cares, 1st don’t pay them 2nd –BCCI can schedule India Pakistan Sri Lanka Tournament, hey! we will have enough to pay anyone.

I am sick of Ponting and his men who have also tainted their own past achievements in cricket. A bunch of whiner and liars;


sursubbu said...

This is so true and revealing article. Your assessment, though has tinges of emotional outbursts, that cannot be helped under these blatantly defying circumstances, is nevertheless true.

Sriks said...

sursubbu,thanks as you have it rightly, I think like most Indians am justified to be emotional on the whole issue. :)