ICC Guarantee to cricket fans

It is disheartening to note that English press and other Cricket affiliations slamming ICC for sacking Steve Buckner. I am wondering how in the world they ignored Steve Buckner’s atrocities over a long period of time and more over 90% of his umpiring carnage were directed at the Sub Continent cricketers. I guess British media suffers an acute short term memory loss.

I can spend rest of the article quoting numerous occasions where Mr. Buckner umpiring standards were below par, Sachin Tendulkar and Indians being his top victims. With such records against the Indians, forgetting the past, Mr. Buckner was given another opportunity to stand in the prestigious Gavaskar Border trophy. Mr. Buckner instead of using the occasion to redeem his so called umpiring experience and pride, continued to be a pathetic exhibit, and ruined the great game of TEST cricket in Sydney for the player and fans.

What guarantee does ICC offer for a cricket fan ensuring a fair game?

I am a cricket fan sitting in a country where the term “Cricket” is more popular for an insect than a sport. I am a patron of this game right from 1970s. Today, I am paying a lot of money and more over sacrificing my sleep and health to watch a great game of cricket. But what do I get in return? Once again! What is the guarantee that I have from ICC or BCCI or CA for a fair game? Why time and time again fans have to cope up with umpiring/official incompetence?

Did British media or any other media thought about this for a second?

I think British media should remember that it was not 1 or 2 decisions; it was 9 poor decisions [this distinction was shared by Mr. Benson [UK] who also deserves a sack] that went against the Indians. I guess what would Nasser Hussein’s reaction would be if his team had got 9 bad decisions against the Australians, I am sure he would literally remove his pants and piss on the ground.

I consider just one or two bad calls would be potent enough to turn the match and the entire series upside down when playing against Australia and here we have something close to a Dirty Dozen. What else you want to the Indian players to do? Supply a box of Diapers to the cry baby “Finger Pointing” oops Ponting? Or Sing a lullaby to Mr. Buckner so that he can continue his nap while working?

A volcano had been brewing for a long time among every cricket loving Indian soul against Buckner reason being “Steve Buckner has raised his middle finger on very many occasions against India” And today Mr. Steve Buckner would take the blame for its eruption. He deserves to be chucked out and sent home without any pension. I would also put an enquiry on him and ensure that he was not paid for this value added services.

And remember Yes Indians generate 70% of the money needed for ICC officials to travel in first class, and yes BCCI will use the clout, do you think the Australian board or the English board would not like to have such powers? I think British media should cut the crap on giving an innocent face to Buckner, instead spend your energy by asking ICC – What guarantee does ICC offer to the cricket fans for a fair game? If your bandwidth has more time in hand, use it to repair your pathetic cricket team and your “jack of all arts but winner of none” Soccer team.


Shankar said...

You should read this article by Derek Pringle in SMH...this will tell you how the English media views this issue and how lopsided the views are. This is an excerpt: "Actually, the chances of a split are probably greater now, as Dalmiya's fractious reign not only removed England and Australia's right of veto at the ICC but strengthened the voting power of the Asian bloc by giving Bangladesh full Test status long before they deserved it."

WTF, why should Aus and Eng have veto power...under what rock is Pringle hiding?

The full article is here: http://www.smh.com.au/news/cricket/no-place-for-racism-or-attempts-at-ransom/2008/01/08/1199554654170.html

It is total BS!!

Sriks said...

Derek Pringle assumes Indian cricket and Delhi is still under the queen, Just laugh at his ignorance,

Someone in England should wake this rip van winkle.

Also Pringle economic status is so bad he cannot afford a pack of Pringles, he is plain jealous about cricketers and the boards that makes more money than what he made when he was throwing donkey drops which he assumed to be seam bowling.