A long way to go....

Indian batting has good signs for a comeback, so does Australia. Remarkable stroke play by VVS, his timing was “Nagesh” perfect, it was pleasure to watch him play but on the other end Rahul “Fevicol” Dravid tested everyone’s patience. Jaffer had no clue about what struck him – Bret Lee pulled the plug. To be fair to Jaffer, Brett Lee was over stepping and umpire seems to have missed it, Duh!

During the Morning session, Symonds added one more inning to this account, he was stumped by Dhoni and Steve Bucky was reluctant to refer it to the 3rd umpire. Feed from channel 9 in USA does not have any commercial breaks during over changes and I guess we get a live feed directly from the SCG. The microphones are generally on during such breaks, and I heard Ian Chappell screaming over the decision. Tony Greg and Ian chapel were sympathizing for the Indians. When the last wicket fell Symonds was 4 for 164, a record here - first player to play the next Test even before it commenced.

The Authentically Annoying Dravid - I agree it is Test cricket and bound to be slow, but Dravid took it to a new level - “Testing Cricket”, he was constantly booed by the Indian contingent and applauded by Australian counterparts. . He was out on a no ball making it the most unlucky test match for India. Ponting adopted a new strategy when Dravid was “blocking”. He sent most of players to rest, just 5 were fielding and if at all the ball went past the square leg Steve Bucky, (oldest player to debut for Australia) would not hesitate to show his fielding abilities. I was wondering if Australian bowlers really needed the ball. Rumor is that, in order to keep the game going and save the new ball, Channel 9 had graphically placed the ball on the screen during post production. Australia put India back on Track by claiming Dravid’s wicket.

Tendul and Dada are on, they looked comfortable, but a long way to go, Nevertheless even if Aussies win the game it will be a tainted one.


RAM said...

hail VVS n SACHIN ,
a very commendable performance by the INDIANS with the exceptions of JAFFER,YUVI ,DHONI who need to re-think if they r worth stealing places from the guys hungry to show their talent like S.BADRINATH , dinesh kartik n y not VIRU .. 3 failures from them and for some reason its only INDIAN CRICKET which hangs onto the same players waiting for that ONCE IN A BLUE MOON PERFORMANCE ,for eg PERSISTING WITH AJIT" OMLETTE" AGARKAR even after he had scored 8 consecutive ducks thinkin he will score 1 run some day,thats the sorry state our CRICKET is in. Selection is way too heavily inclined to get players from the WEST and mr.vengsarkars ELF CRICKET academy.

I think we shld jus select players for their current form atleast for the 3rd test , VIRU will be a calculated gamble but hey !!! did ur gamble playing YUVI for the 1st 2 test work ? u play to win, not to participate.
IF VIRU clicks we wud atleast be saved from DRAVID's net practice at the CENTRE :)

my team for PERTH is

i will drop DHONI on current form and let kartik keep , DHONI hasnt been that gr8 behind the stumps this series but we cannot afford the 31 byes by KARTIK. I am forced to drop YUVI who likes to bat on FAST TRACKS. BHAJJI barring his batting at sydney has been LOW key in this series , i want 20 wkts not 20 runs !! i will leave him out for THE TRUSTED PACE N SWING OF PATHAN.
if viru plays ,he can tweak a few overs !!

as far as SCG test goes !! , if india r set a target of 200 they will win if not we r lookin at 2-0
there is a definite result..