“buss buss”, meaning “push push”.

Last night, while channel surfing I bumped into a program called Cobra’s of East on some HD channel. It was the usual husky voice explaining the Cobra and its deadly venom etc. Had it enough, I moved on, the next channel in the surf was KTV.

A 7 foot cobra was busy carrying red Bangles and spits the Bangles to Banu Priya, it took me 10 seconds to guess. Banu Priya is carrying and the snake gave her a baby shower. Our beloved தலை’s மச்சினச்சி then Baby Shamili joins the Cobra, Mr. Cobra then gets a flower for Banu Priya, he then goes on to place it on her head. The movie was Thaipoosam [தைபூசம்].

The Cobra in this movie performs various tasks; he records conversations between bad [Nazer and gang] guys who were scheming to kill someone. The snake clicks the record buttons [remember red one and the regular play button], and after recording he searches for the eject symbol and ejects the tape from the recorder. He then takes it to his master baby Shamili. During recording Cobra seems have seen a message card and he rushes to the type writer and punches “L I O N”. Baby Shamili using her swift brilliance finds it to be No 17. Snake and the kid calls the police, wo then saves the person living at No 17. Nazar and co plans to kill the child, while Banu Priya goes into labor. I was excepting Cobra to do a C- Section; instead the king cobra says “buss buss”, meaning “push push”.

Ramanarayanan Rocks - What an amazing thought process. I still remember the huge crowd for this move in Krishanaveni theater, T.Nagar Chennai. This movie made a lot of money. Hey why not!, when 20 grams human structures [Danush, sorry man no offense] would could whack 200000 tons of human flesh in no time, a snake can type, record, sing and dance. The Cobra had good prospects to be a sound engineer, data entry operator, flower man, However last time we heard from the Cobra star he went bankrupt by making a 3D படம் [Padam]