Honestly , it was very easy for me

Sometime around Oct 2008 time frame, out of the blues Dheepa Ramanujam, a film maker from Bay area contacted me. Thanks to the kind words of my good old buddy Vijay Kumar popularly known as VK, VK is a talented keyboard artist and performs in most shows in and around the west coast. We go back a long way.

Dheepa Ramanujam has staged many successful full-length plays with her group of artists since 2001. She has worked under the guidance of director K. Balachander and many other stalwarts of Tamil cinema. The tremendous response for her played titled "Thanimai" [Tamil] provided the encouragement to her to form a dedicated group to Tamil theatrical arts. Dheepa founded a production company called Krea with her husband Ramanujam.

When Dheepa told me the story of her short film “Sunset”, I had no hesitation to jump into the bandwagon. Working with Dheepa and her talented team of folks was a pleasure. Dheepa’s passion and dedication towards art simply amazes me. “Sunset” has already won few awards in Film festivals. Following Sunset, I had the pleasure to work on her next film titled “Good Bye”. It is in the final stages of post production.

There are many folks in and around DC metro with tons of talents, some of them are unnoticed. I am now working with one such film maker. "Babu Venkatesh"

Around Dec 2008, my good friend Iyappan and I were working on track in my studio. Iyapppan mentioned about Babu who wanted to do a short film. Babu was moving to India to work in the movie industry and he wanted this short film to be in his portfolio. Babu visited my studio, and outlined his plans, and asked me for serious help in making this happen.

Honestly it was very easy for me; I just had to connect these 2 film makers.

Result, fantastic short film called "Appa Vanthar".

Movie was written and directed by Babu and produced by Dheepa. Dheepa came up with a talented team in no time. Icing on the cake, movie was short on the popular "RED" camera. One person I like to mention here is a young sound designer from LA, "Kunal Rajan". He has a lot of energy and vision on sound design. He would be working on sound follies for this short movie. I am very happy to be the Music Director/Original Music Composer in this elite team.

Honestly, when lot of money is being lost for average home dwellers in this economy, these short films have kept me smiling. Yesterday we had a lot fun during recording, and we almost nailed the back ground score in full. We will be recording the tracks for next few days with vocals and other live instruments.

My best wishes to Babu for a successful carrier in Chennai.


Shankar said...

That's awesome...can't wait to hear it. Good luck with everything.