Donkey drops at will - India VS New Zealand T20.

I woke at 2.00am today to watch India VS New Zealand T20. I should have right royally completed the natural sleeping quota of 8 hours. Anyways,

New Zealand tour has always been a mystery to the Indians. In spite of the cricket grounds being smaller than my cubicle, the rock star Indian batting fire power resembled the popular Sivakasi produce dipped in water. The home team played their natural game and of course with some help from the umpire, won the game very easily. Indian Batting was quite hasty and it looked as though someone told them to play a T5 game.

But the credit goes to the Indian bowlers. Congratulations, the thoughtless Indian Bowling act signed today. Harbajan Singh looked as though he was upset about Sukwinder Singh being denied a visa to the Oscars. Harbajan took over what Anil Kumble was doing for years. Throwing large quantities of donkey drops at will, seeing the quantity thrown, the local New Zealand donkeys and mules “poked” Harbajan via face book. Bowlers were more or less without any idea or a plan, something similar to the current US congress;

Dhoni’s captaincy reminded Yuvan Shankar Raja’s modern music arrangement -"Harmonically" cut loose -> என்ன கொடுமை இது சரவணன்.

My pathetic performance award of day goes to Irfan pathan for his bowling. The ball was hit to locations where "no ball has gone before.". India sucked to its maximum, which in a way is good for the team, now team will think about bouncing back with some passion.

Reaching the top position is only one side of the effort, maintaining it is sheer "Horse Horns". [குதிரைக் கொம்பு]