God bless A.R. Rahman.

I was eagerly waiting all day for my man "A.R.Rahman" live on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Jay’s first guest was Dennis Miller. Mr Miller’s name says it all as he was more “Tighter” “Fuller” “higher” than Paula Abdul on American Idol. Some of Dennis Miller jokes were plain dry like California economy [btw: the golden state is now on EBAY China] in fact the former US vice president’s written speech had more humor in it. If not for cursing words and bad language, Mr. Miller would face a job crisis. I was waiting for the agony to end. Then this was followed by the “heroine” of SD Millionaire, she made her usual speech.

Finally, the ARR Show – The commercial break just before his live performance was really longer than the usual. Jay introduced him well and pronounced his name AJ Roman, and then corrected himself quickly.

Camera pans for a close up shot of the composer, there I see the little guy from my native city Chennai, India. ARR presented a crisp 5 minutes show; He did the Jai Ho Track from Slum Dog Millionaire.

I do not exhibit my sentimental emotions. However this time I have no words to describe the feeling I had when I saw ARR on the tonight show. I was so happy, I felt as though someone from my own family has achieved such a great deal of success in their carrier.

I have been following A.R. Rahman as a person, a musician right from his debut. I just adore this guy as I learn a lot from him, it not only music, his social skills, humility etc…. ARR long time ago mentioned once in an interview that the search is important than the destination. He has come a long way.

Looking back at his journey, he jumped into the Tamil movie arena from nowhere. Majority of the Tamil music fans during 90s just did not believe in his music. He was painted as "One Movie Wonder" "Sound Engineer", “Jingle kid” , “Repetitive “or “Electronics Musician” from a majority section of Tamil film music listeners. However ARR went on to prove what he is destined for - powerful and soulful music. It is his destiny to ensure that Indian musicians get recognized all around the world. He is here to do more.

Hey! He now has a new title “Academy nominated Composer A.R.Rahman”

God bless A.R. Rahman