Game Day, Second “patience” Test

India Vs South Africa,(Dravid) Kol(Ran)kota

Viru and Dravid walked out and as expected both of them started to score at a very quick rate, Sehwag launched Pollock to a huge six to start the proceedings. However was out caught to an unplayable ball from Nitini. The fast scoring dream ended for India.

Dravid took about 15 balls to score his first 18 runs, but his next 15 runs came in about 20, 000 balls. Dravid instead of scoring fast decided to honor his sponsor; Messer’s Fevicol & co. Sachin got inspired by Dravid baulked down totally.
The way Dravid batted was a totally dull and did not have the slightest idea to play faster game. His only game plan was to stay there watching the ball; He was more or less the 3rd umpire on the field.

Sachin went out after playing on to a reverse swinging ball. He seemed to be dead out of form. Like early in his career, He has to attack from the word go, Sachin along with Dravid put on an agonizing dawdling partnership worth 45 in about 18 overs. It was around 12.00 midnight here, my agony multiplied.

Kafthan Dada walked with a loud cheer from the crowd. Seeing Gangully, all the English speaking commentators started to abuse his short ball weakness. I don’t think any commentators would use such a poor beating up language on any other captain around the world. He is vulnerable to short ball so what, Ricky pointing is also shaky for the first half hour of this innings, and so is Smith or the so called world’s best caption Stephen Fleming. Why this shabby treatment to Gangully alone? This has to stop.

Pollock completed a unique record of bowling 1000 maiden overs, of course with Mr.Fevicol [aka Dravid] glued to both the ends, 1000 maidens seemed to be small number to me. South African bowlers contained India quite well; Gangully got a poor decision from the 33 year old Aussie umpire.

Finally, Similar to Sachin’s Dismissal, Dravid was finally bowled. The boring, Tedious, monotonous innings ended. It was so boring, even the umpires clapped for this wicket.

VVS got some runs but was out by playing his usual careless shot.
The young Tamil Nadu keeper Dinesh Kartik played very well for his runs, unlike Dravid Irfan and Kartik were pushing for singles. At close Indians were leading.
Tomorrow Pitch will start to spin,. India needs about 150 lead to spin them out. However South Africans are also whole sale world dealers for Fevicol. So I really cannot guess the outcome of the game.

Finally the Hot News from the Wire:
After watching the Dragging Dravid innings ICC, BCCI, LCCI, TCCI, WCCI, MCCI are considering a new law. Like 1 bouncer per over, Dravid would be allowed to block 50 balls per innings. Anything more, he will be fined $200 per block. This money will be shared by all the useless cricket maniacs watching this innings via Dish network.