Spiritual Refugee

As aid pours from the world, Life does not seem to settle down for many Tsunami Victims, many are facing mental trauma. It is estimated in Tamil Nadu alone at least 8000 or more will face some kind of psychological distress. Doctors are tying out various methods to console; many physiatrists are busy counseling the survivors. These are people who had witnessed their loved ones being taken down by nature.

Yes, there may be a Prozac pill that helps them but there is no medicine in the world that is going to calm them down for the rest of their life.
Thinking about this in the long run, an Alternative suggestion will be to seek refuge towards spiritual healing. The only viable non medical way that consoles people during this tragic shock.

People took silent processions, Candle light vigils while temples, churches, gurudwaras and other religious outfits offered various prayers for the lost life. It was a very good gesture from many who cancelled their New Year celebration. It is a pity that I come across intellect souls criticizing various religious and mass gestures.

Frankly there is nothing wrong in sharing the sad moment among the mass using a common stage, the religion is one such medium. In the first place, the basic idea of a religion or a belief was formed for this purpose only - Mass compassion and Group healing.

Today aid is pouring from various parts of the world. Every victim is being attended with empathy. There will be a phase where the real victims will be left alone to think for themselves. This will be the real tough time for them to face. In my opinion, during this phase it is the spiritual healing that is going to help them.

Spiritual refugee is the best method to heal from this natural disaster; it is easy to say than doing it, how ever this path beyond doubt has a better healing percentage. For the survivors, I pray to God to give them the strength to take this unthinkable loss and move on with their life.