a Broad band connection was installed in my house few days ago; to my surprise, during installation no software was used. On the first go I had no clue about this process, a person walks in and connects a modem to your computer [windows 98], and it starts to work. I asked him about it but failed to get an answer, I let it go.

However it was matter of time for me to explore the logistics behind this plug and play modem [HUAWEI] miracle. This has a firmware that can be updated directly. A qualified person will preprogram the firmware on the modem at the BSNL office. The installer plugs it in and wishes good luck. The DSL connection by BSNL was peculiar. In US, a direct phone line can be plugged into the modem while the every phone in the house gets a DSL filter. The order in which the modem is connected is not important. Here things are different. The DSL modem connection has to be the first connection before connecting to a phone or a fax. Meaning the modem has the filter installed which split the phone calls and Internet data. The positive side, No filters needed for every phone however the negative side wiring changes have to be done to make the DSL modem the first connection. But you are rescued by the BSNL lines-men. They will do this for a small fee. It is worth the money.

Support documents/software: BSNL did not provide any software, technical support or a one-page document. In fact there was no documentation to find the email account. We might have to call them to get the account id, and password. Once this was obtained, I was able to configure [POP] via outlook in few minutes. Thanks to little help that I found in DataOne.in web site. Help found there clearly gives you easy steps to configure the email. A simple 1-page document is all that takes to explain this, Why can’t they bundle this in the installation kit?

Next step was to explore the modem miracle. Frankly it was not that hard to explore. This modem has a web based client that can be reached by typing on your browser. The browser will then ask for a login and password. [Admin and admin respectively]. From here you can have access to various modem functions, that includes a firewall. You can enable the firewall to protect your computer from attackers. This control page also has a rest set function that comes handy during abrupt power failures. Also here is where the expert at the BSNL office uploads the pre-programmed firmware with your account details engraved.

Service Speed: Technically it is called broad band, but speed during office hours is pathetic. From morning 6.00am to 8.00am, the bandwidth is good [sagikkable] [150kbs-200kbs]. As heat increases outside, the bandwidth falls down to 40, at times slower than a dial up. Frankly browsing during these hours is annoying. When asked about this to BSNL, I was asked to clean the IE browser Cache to improve speeds. Duh!.

Bottom line, being a computer nerd it was not that bad for me to get things going, however people who have no clue about the modem, networks etc would have a hard time. The general DSL speed is about 500. Though Broadband here is only 256 and today the speed never seem to go any where near 250, I am sure it will get streamlined. It is definitely a welcome start from Dialup users, however only a good customer service along with promised bandwidth makes it count. I have no documentation for DSL being installed in my place. I never signed a document to accepting the service. BSNL needs to get some kind of process in place to streamline broad band. I wish, soon they will have an installation kit on a CD-ROM that contains help and FAQ to make the Broad band experience a pleasure rather than a pressure.


Nick said...

I Applied for BSNL Broadband 15 days back but still the connection is not given i stay in Pollachi near Coimbatore TN, when i call the Commercial Officer he says with pride that it will take 15 days, thats the same answer he gave me whil applying too, again he said 15 days, when we ask why he is never ready to tell the reason, i suggest that the Govt. should handover BSNL to some private service provider, since there is no Customer Service this wont work out, morover everyone are money minded, bribe for installation, processing everything, why do we need to go BSNL if there were someone else here, i suggest that Airtel VSNL, Reliance should come in to Pollachi, BSNL is good, but govt. officials always the same

sunilkumar said...

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Said sunilkumar, 9:25 PM

Jokim said...

I am in Goa and it took me 1 month to get a BSNL landline connection and then another month to get the broadband internet connection done.
It was alot of trouble and I had to go many times to various BSNL offices.
Then were was a shortage of modems at BSNL and I was advised to buy a DLINK Modem from the market. (Don't buy another brand, because if anything goes wrong, BSNL wil blame it on the modem, a dealer told me.)
Finally everything works very wel and I cannot complain about the speed. ( I have the flat rate for 750 Rs) It is not good for videos, but skype or internet radio works very wel even when I surf other sites at the same time.