Ricky Ponting & co - whats up dude.

Australia lost again this time to a county team. May be Ricky pointing would say this does not “count”. He would comment “we are bored by winning hence for a change we tried to feel loss”.

Australia made about 342, a score that assures victory in general. Hayden trashed a 50 in about 39 balls, while Ponting’s graphite bat managed to pick about 80 after his pathetic duck in the first 20/20 game. However for Somerset, Jayasuriya the most unpredictable batsmen of my times along with South African captain Graeme Smith took the game away from the Australians. They took their bowling right on from the first ball and directed the home side to a fantastic win. Karprowicz was the prominent donor while the mighty [K] D. Mcgrath went for about 5 runs an over. Bret Lee was hit for about 26 runs in first 4 over resulting in a shoulder injury, may be he chucked too many balls in the course of action.

Aussies have not tasted twin losses in long time. Insult to the injury was loosing to a 2 level county team. Congratulations to Somerset. May be who knows this would be a part of a strategy that coverts English confidence to a huge over confidence. [Wink Wink]. Mr. Poiting get this - if you treat the game lightly [like the 20/20], the game will not treat you in the same manner, rather it will be treat you badly. Hope for Aussies recovery soon.

Today England takes on Bangladesh, instead of wasting time, they can settle scores with a game of Book cricket [Using the new Harry potter book] this would save some pride for Bangladesh and more promotion for the book. I am just wondering what a bookie with think if I check the odds for a Bangladesh win. Harry Potter’s magic wand would be handy.

The hunter is now being hunted. For past 5 days in Chennai the entire news network keeps talking about the Pataudi case, He is supposed to have hunted rare species of animals for recreation. Courts have issued arrest warrant on him but police are yet to track him down. Pataudi has become a rare species for the police. Many political parties have screamed out saying he is been given special treatment. He is still on run, he is now hunted by the police. summava sonnaga - pirarku innA murpagal sei in thamaku inna thAmE varum

Yesterday heat was devastating in Chennai. It was humid even at 11.30pm. I went a restaurant called Cornucopia near Nandanam for dinner, they had varieties of Italian and other types of food in their menu. Tried the Indian edition of Lasagna, did seem ok to me. Average price per item ranged from Rs.70 to Rs.250. Four of us eat for about $20.

Good day;