Visting Home!

After about 9 years I felt the 100 Degree mark; no not my cricket scores or CD sales [You day dreamer]; Flying about 37,000 feet above Mumbai the display on the 747-400 read “-50”. As the altitude decreased the temperature was climbing. The reading was about 87F after the plan had landed in Chennai. As I walked out of the airplane along with other 399 fellow passengers, I felt the heat. Yes, the experience of meeting Dr. Heat is something. The outside temperature was about F-93-F. Welcome to Chennai.

I ignored the heat, the greatest pleasure for me is visiting my native town – C H E N N A I . My previous trip to Chennai was about 3 years ago. The first glance at Chennai airport, I felt it was just the same. The immigration officers worked at the same speed. Baggage claim was just as messy as the previous time. But nothing can take away my “Sprit of Chennai”. I love this dam city.

Just about 500 yards outside the airport the city was already active; as we exited the airport with family members, it was around 6.30am, and the traffic was quite heavy. It was Sunday, still many were travelling early in the morning. The first big change I noticed was fleets of little Korean cars plying around the narrow streets of Chennai at will. Colorful 99.99999999 CC bikes were the next big change. Finally, almost every one regardless of age had a cell phone.

First day in Chennai, I managed it and took the heat by its horns, heat index had already reached triple figure by 8.00am. To keep myself hydrated I drank cold Bisleri water at regular intervals [Totaled about 10-12], I had no clue about its consequences Yes! It did hydrate me quite well but it gave a serious infection. I ended up with a throat infection, which was upgraded to a fever that competed with the local heat [aka weather] report. Scored a brilliant 102 on the first day; after a span of about 9 years I was forced to gobble various kind antibiotics in different colors, shapes and sizes.

Current situation on the 4th day, a 12+ hour Jet lag, “The heat is sweet” and the truth is I could not take it, my Agony is I could not convey this to anyone. Reason being I could be treated for ORS – “Over Reacting Syndrome” because most seem to think being a Chennai native my body should handle the heat automatically, The temperature was about 55F-60F when I left DC, its been like this from early march. But for the past 4 days it was about 95F-100F, It is amazing that people don’t seem to believe that a 40-degree raise in temperature could cook variety of food, including me.

I completed a 3day PGDIPLOMA course on various Antibiotic meals. Yesterday Gods went crazy! Yep, it rained in Chennai and cooled a bit. Evening I ventured out to a Restaurant in Besent Nagar area, I did not get the name, my cousins [I have about 10 of them] just drove me around, Yes these kids are driving now and have their own cars too. The joint had a projector and a 5.1 bose audio system that was blasting music videos of Will Smith and my favorite Eagles. I managed to find a Mexican material on the menu card. “Enchilada”, though not 100% authentic mexi stuff, it was the Mexi breed from “Chennai”, glazed with Indian spices, managed to eat the entire portion. My cousin drove me back home, a fun filled evening that I have been missing for about 5 years now! Dam! How can I afford it miss it? Today planning to invade another joint, and this time my Amex Blue will take the load.

Today I would be getting DSL at home, this should help me to boost my enthu to browse the internet. In fact I don’t mind trading this 0.556565 kbs dial up browse to watch Dravid and VVS play for a draw against South Africa.