Various Ramblings.

Sweet news, England hands over the first blow, though a 20/20 game, the mighty Australia had to taste loss. Yes I hear they will bounce back with vengeance yada yada yada, until then the renovated English team has every right to celebrate the victory. Michael Vaughan, the English captain played down this win and called it a lottery. While his counter part Ricky “the graphite bat” pointing commented that this was a fun sort of game and it does not count [Oh Yeh]. FYI: ICC calls it an international.

Nasser Hussain, the Chennai born Ex-English Captain and the man responsible for a revamp in the English side was commentating in high sprits for sky sports. He had nice little comments to offer at the pathetic batting display by the yapping Aussies. English made 179 in 20 while the mighty “baggy green” squad were bundled out for 79, The English won by 100 Runs. It might be a 20/20 game but I feel the so-called Australian invincibility has been questioned for the first time in past few years. Why?, the English took 7 wickets in about 20 balls giving away just eight runs. Frankly, It will be a pleasure to ridicule the Aussies until they make a “come back”.

The match fixing scandal is again on the Air, The same Indian players are in the news again. There was new name mentioned in the scandal - “Mark Waugh”. However today he denied any links.

Jackson was let go free from all 10 counts. Jury vindicated him for all the 10 cases filed against him. It seems he has a debt of about 3 million dollars for this case. The pop star responsible for changing music in the 80’s finally gets to breathe of fresh air and if he comes out with a new album for XMAS 2005, I am sure he would get back the lost money and fame. He is also expected to make a life style change. Some speculate that his never land ranch might be converted to a Senior citizen home. Meanwhile the jobless media in the US has to find some other scandal for their live feeds. I was wondering about the actor who played Jackson in the E-Channel would do now. Poor guy lost his job today.

I have plans to collect various types of hand drums and percussion used in various world genres. Just few days before I left for Chennai, I purchased an African hand drum from Guitar center. The one that you hear in the prelude of “Andangkaka from Anniyan.” I really want to carry a Thavil and a Dhol from India, they are too big though. Need to figure out a way to carry them. The afternoon temperature is too hot to venture out. But Yesterday I went to various music stores in search of instruments, my favorite “udukai” tops the list.

Good Day.