Just Blame “the Jet lag” . Trust me it works

Yesterday, I had a mild stomach upset, thanks to the 2 XXL size mangoes I gobbled. But local medicines cured me in about 20 minutes Forget my stomach upset, but the upset Ricky Ponting and his men faced yesterday has no words to explain. There is no drug in the world that is going to fix their upset for quite a while. The world number one lost to the weakest team in the world with about 4 balls to spare. Bangladesh after their poor performances for about “n” number of years finally saw light. They managed to do something that no one on could have predicted. Even the experts in Vijay TV would have struggled to predict this one. [Star Vijay TV devotes about 40hrs a week to lucky stones, numerology, Vasthu shstram, stove Josiyam etc,]

I was watching this game on ESPN. When you get your basics right, the percentage of success increases drastically. Bangladesh team got their basics right, while Aussies are yet to know what hit them. Ricky Ponting did not have any answers to offer for their pathetic display. Australia started really bad by loosing 2 quick wickets. However Clarke and Martin managed to lubricate the rusty Australian Batting lineup. But Bangladesh bowled some tight line to restrict Aussies for about 247. Ponting made One – he danced and moved across the line for about 16 balls, it was matter of time for a leg before. The devastating “Gilly” was sent back in the second ball. May be it is too early to say but still I want say like Sachin or Sehwag for India, it is Gill Christ who carries the Aussies. He has to score big for them to get a big total.

Aussies bowling was near pathetic while the eastern Tigers played some sensible batting. Mohammad Ashraful's the twenty-year-old player scored a brilliant 100 that laid the foundation for the win. Ashraful was particularly harsh on Glenn McGrath, spanking him for two massive fours over extra cover in one over and Australia wilted along with his captain he added 130 in about 23 overs. The pace at which they planned their innings was brilliant. May be this many losses have taught them a good lesson.

Though Ashraful was out at the crucial point of time, the following two batsmen managed to complete the task. Bangladesh had to score 7 runs in the final over bowled by Jason Gillespie. Ricky “the nail biting” Ponting spent an extended amount of time with his bowler and fielders in planning the final over. [Ps: If it had been Gangully, match referee would have forfeited his earnings and his 401K pension for this delay.] But as anticlimax Aftab simply lunched Gillespie for a massive six that sealed the game for Bangladesh. Aussies walked out with a dazzed look, while most of them were unable to hide their expressions. Yes! it was a crude pleasure not to be missed.

I have never seen a Bangladeshi simile after a game. Their captain during the awards ceremony will play a recorded message in broken English stating “we need to improve”. But today these guys and their loyal fans were seen rejoicing and dancing. Frankly beating Australia is a task and they have every right to celebrate. There will be elite’s who doubt this as “match fixing”. Yes it does look doubtful on a team that has never won but suddenly out of the blues manage beat the world champs.

But in my opinion, I watched the entire action unfold live on ESPN. I don’t want to take anything away from the Bangladesi’s. The golden rule is “When you get your basis right, there is very minimal room for pathetic failures”. They bowled, fielded and batted with some sense, while the mighty Aussies looked pathetic all through. Congratulations to Bangaladesh. Hope this victory boosts their over all confidence.

Today the “0/3” Aussies take on the pumped up home team. [War of the worlds Episode 1]

Just one more loss for the Aussies, then it would be matter of time before Ponting starts to crib about the pitch or light or the travel schedule. Ricky, [wink wink] you can blame “the Jet lag” for now. Trust me it works.